Startup Story of Aquatein, India’s First Protein Water

Ritika Deshpande

Aquatein Startup Story

Imagine how easy and convenient your fitness journey would be if you could pop open a bottle of water with 21 grams of protein. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine that anymore.

Founded by Ananth B Prabhala in 2019, Aquatein is a nutrition company headquartered in Mumbai that offers water-based drinks with added protein so that you’d never ever have to compromise on flavor or health!

The name of the company (Aquatein) is an amalgamation of the Latin word Aqua [meaning Water] and protein, clearly giving away what the product is all about- superior-tasting water full of protein.

You might’ve heard about protein powders, protein shakes, and protein bars but I bet the term ‘protein water’ didn’t ring a bell until now. Aquatein offers a variety of drinks with a considerable amount of protein and is available in 4 appetizing flavours.

For all fitness enthusiasts struggling to meet their protein goals and those who’d like to spice things up with quick protein sources, Aquatein is the perfect alternative for you where even Suniel Shetty has invested an undisclosed amount.

What Aquatein offers?

Aquatein aims to create evolutionary products to make nutrition intake simple, efficient, and tasty for daily use.

Are you even a fitness enthusiast if you don’t prioritize protein in your diet? Aquatein will make sure you don’t miss out on the tremendous benefits of protein with just a drop of water.

Protein is one of the most essential macronutrients for your body. Every cell in the human body consists of protein. It serves for muscle building, gaining strength, improving bone density and so much more. Protein also significantly reduces the risk of injury and assures proper functioning of your body.

Aquatein is here for you if you’re starting to think water is too bland for you. The company offers 4 delicious flavours- Strawberry, Green Apple, Mix Berry and Orange available in two variables- 21 grams and 10 grams of protein per bottle.

On top of that, they also have a kids’ variant for kids which offers 5 grams of protein per bottle. This variant comes with 2 additional flavours- Mixed fruit and lemonade. It contains no added sugar and claims to be gluten-free, keto and diabetic-friendly, lactose-free and completely vegetarian.

The key ingredients that go into the making of Aquatein are water [obviously] and whey protein isolate and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids] Whey is a natural substance found in milk that gets separated during the process of cheese-making.

It’s a quality protein that is absorbed and utilized very efficiently by the body. Whey that is further processed to reduce the fat and lactose content which leaves mostly protein behind is known as whey isolate. BCAAs are essential amino acids that are said to help with repairing muscle and boosting protein synthesis.

Behind the founder

Ananth Prabhala, the founder of Aquatein has a BSc degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University. In 2018, he co-founded a nutrition company called Bullhead Nutrition.

Aquatein Founder Ananth Prabhala

As one would naturally expect, Ananth is a fitness enthusiast and his passion is what pushes him to continually try to make a difference. 

The incentive behind Aquatein

Traditional Indian diets aren’t known for prioritizing protein. This very often brainwashes people into consuming very little amount of protein.

The average protein consumption in India is lower than 50 grams per day and about 70% of Indians are protein deficient. The recommended amount of protein for a sedentary individual per day is around 0.8g- 1 gms per kg. This number increases to 1.5- 2 gms with the more physical activity you do. 

Not everyone has the time or resources to cook protein-rich meals every single day. With this problem in mind, Ananth was fueled by his passion for fitness and the need of generations to consume protein in a simple way.

Aquatein is founded with “a goal to make nutrition simple and hassle-free,” says Ananth. It was finally founded in May 2019 and has energized thousands of fitness enthusiasts.

They say, “Like every new product, the idea was born out of PASSION + NEED. The struggle to strike a balance between daily life and love for fitness kickstarted the idea of creating something basic, something simple.” Reading this must’ve got you all pumped up to live a healthier lifestyle with Aquatein!



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