Success Story of Vibha Harish, Founder of Cosmix Plant-based Supplements

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Vibha Harish Cosmix Founder Story

Meet Vibha Harish, the incredible woman who is the founder of Cosmix, a holistic supplement brand to solve your health concerns from within! Holistic health is all about wholeness.

Cosmix provides easy-to-consume adaptogenic mixes in the form of delicious hot chocolate mixes, chai lattes, protein powders, etc.

[Adaptogens are certain plant substances (mostly herbs) that are found in nature and are said to help with the overall well-being of humans, from easing stress and anxiety to regulating bodily functions.]

With a holistic approach, it’s all about understanding your problems’ root causes, not just about the overt aspect of things. 

Fighting PCOS

Vibha’s life hasn’t been a total lap of luxury as she was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) when she was in class 12.

PCOS is a common condition where the ovaries fail to function normally which in turn leads to irregularity in periods, excessive production of the male hormone– androgen [which may lead to excessive facial and body hair growth], weight gain, infertility, and so much more.

People with PCOS might have a higher risk for type-2 diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and endometrial cancer. This life-altering diagnosis made her extra cognizant about what her body was consumed on an everyday basis.

Quick fixes were of no help whatsoever and tired of not being able to treat it long-term, the endless search for healing herself from within began. Prior to the diagnosis, she admitted to not taking care of herself seriously. 

Starting Up Cosmix

Vibha’s mom, being a homoeopathy doctor, advised her to go about natural methods to treat her condition. That’s why Vibha refused to fight her PCOS artificially with pills and other such medications. She was determined to fight her way back to a disease-free body with herbal medicine and homoeopathy. 

After having resorted to a more natural approach, she found drastic changes in her overall health and managed to fight PCOS solely by sticking to herbalism. Sounds miraculous? Well, that’s the undying power of nature and what it can do for us.

This piqued her interest in herbalism which lead her to formally study it for quite a while. She also realised that herbalism held substantial power to ease gut-related concerns, skin health and overall well-being.

The thought of ‘what helped me would help millions’ felt assuring. And this is how Cosmix, the absolute solution to all your wellbeing concerns was born out of the need to help millions achieve intrinsic wellbeing, naturally.

What Cosmix Offers?

CosMix has the solution for many concerns such as gut health, PCOS, sexual health, stress relief, immunity, stamina, hormonal acne, hair health, and overall well-being, you name it. CosMix was finally launched in 2019 along with her co-founder, Soorya.

In these social media-driven times, we tend to get overwhelmed by the pervasive superficiality that surrounds us. Hundreds and thousands of brands and people continue to promote ‘quick fixes’ for something that cannot possibly be fixed quickly.

We see millions feeding into people’s insecurities by making them believe in these fixes. We become oblivious to the fact health needs so much more than these “quick fixes”. Intrinsic health runs deeper than the structure of your body or the colour of your zit.

At CosMix, you get the chance to say goodbye to toxic beauty standards. Cosmix collaborates with herbalists, doctors and nutritionists to bring to life the purest form of holistic health care that has ever been seen.

We built Cosmix as a safe space for everyone, where there is no one-size-fits-all approach, where you’ll be nudged to look beyond toxic beauty standards & stereotypes, be kinder to yourself, and embrace the magic that lies in being healthy and happy inside out,” says Vibha.

During the unprecedented pandemic, Cosmix started a ‘Nutrition for All’ program where they distributed nutrition-rich protein bars to underprivileged children in rural areas and today, over 6 lakh bars have been donated through this thoughtful initiative.

One of the many challenges that she faced, in the beginning, was the quality of the ingredients. Even after extensive searches in the markets, she was nowhere near finding top-quality ingredients for her business. And as a result, she did what any dedicated entrepreneur would do. Persevere. She went directly to the primary source of production– a farm.

And now, the company partners with farmers to ensure purity and grade. Their superfoods and adaptogens are sourced directly from small farms in Karnataka, where the company is based. 

Expressing gratitude towards the customers

CosMix had a customer who went through severe hair fall after chemotherapy. The products helped her so much that she regained all her confidence and returned to a smiling face. Feedbacks like this are really what keeps Vibha going.

It’s been close to three years now and we’ve had so many people who have had amazing experienced and it keeps us so motivated every single day to keep going and keep creating new solutions and new products,” says she, expressing immense gratitude.

Along with being the co-founder of Cosmix, she takes her physical and mental fitness seriously and has been practising yoga for the last couple of years. 

Not very often do we see somebody craft an entire brand out of personal need. She needed it, and she made it herself. This sort of can-do attitude is what makes her so successful and likeable. She’s been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List of 2021 for her commendable work of empowering people to take care of themselves from within.

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