Inspiring Journey of RealHit YouTube Creators Moving From Comedy Skits to Podcasts

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RealHit YouTube Success Story

RealHit is a popular YouTube channel among youth started by three childhood friends —Deepak Chauhan, Piyush Gurjar, and Shubham Gandhi. All three are childhood friends and have been together since Grade 3.

It was not easy for Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush to start the YouTube journey and progress this far in 8 years. They have worked very hard, and as a result, all three have reached their current level of success.

The content creation journey got started with Deepak shooting his first video using the webcam of his laptop. After this, it was edited and reviewed by showing it to people. But he got negative reviews for these videos. The videos received no positive feedback.

After making a few videos, these three friends had an idea of how to make the video. They then uploaded their first video and initially named the channel ‘Real Shit”. During this period, their videos were going viral more on Facebook than on YouTube. Gradually, they gained more than 1 Lakh followers on Facebook. However, up until this point, they hadn’t generated any income.

YouTube Success Story

Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush gained recognition from Facebook. During that period, Facebook’s algorithm was effective, leading to brand collaborations.

As a result, all three of them worked very hard on YouTube and they started achieving many milestones. YouTube subscribers began to increase. This marked a period of improvement in various aspects.

At this point, they considered YouTube their full-time business and decided to focus solely on it. Deepak, Piyush, and Shubham also participated in the Mumbai and Delhi YouTube Fan Fests. This was a significant and positive development for them. However, over time, YouTube’s performance declined.

Bounce Back

In 2021, a time came when the businesses of these three started declining considerably. They had invested heavily from their savings and hired many teams. However, their revenue began to decrease. The primary reason for this was the intensified competition in the market.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic began during this period, further impacting the channel. As the three friends separated and started making videos from their homes, people did not respond positively. Consequently, they faced challenges.

In an attempt to revitalize their channel, they experimented with uploading gaming videos, but even this failed to garner a good response.

Feeling that a change was necessary, Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush decided to rename the channel. They changed it from ‘Real Shit’ to ‘RealHit.’ Unfortunately, this change led to further declines in their business.

Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush had to face a lot of depression as their YouTube channel’s growth was very slow. There came a time when all three of them considered quitting YouTube altogether. However, they ultimately decided against it.

At this crucial moment, they received a message from YouTube notifying them that their page had been monetized. This news reignited their motivation to continue their YouTube journey. Additionally, they were earning a significant amount of money from Facebook at this time.

Started Production House

Now, Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush started earning money in the market, making around $30,000. They then established a production house and office and launched a podcast. With this, they began to feel that they could excel in this field.

However, during this period, Facebook’s revenue was inconsistent, showing fluctuations. They started realizing that Facebook was not as stable, prompting them to pay more attention to YouTube. As a result, all three of them followed the trend and began their own podcast on YouTube.

Celebrity Guests on the Podcast

The trend toward podcasts was rapidly gaining momentum. Recognizing this, Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush also decided to start their own podcast.

They envisioned launching the podcast from their existing channel. To kickstart this venture, they invited their first guest, Harsh Beniwal. Following his appearance, popular YouTube creators such as Elvish Yadav, Lakshya Chaudhary, and Ruble Dhankar also joined their podcast. These episodes were incredibly successful.

Encouraged by this response, they aimed to invite Bollywood celebrities as guests. To their delight, they received an email from Honey Singh expressing interest in being a guest on their podcast.

Subsequently, they recorded a podcast with Honey Singh, followed by appearances from B Praak, Sonakshi Sinha, and others. With each episode, ‘RealHit’ soared in popularity, becoming a household name renowned for its exceptional content.

This is the story of eight years of Deepak, Shubham, and Piyush. These three have seen a lot of ups and downs. Then we are at this stage today. Nowadays, they have many YouTube channels and over 5 million subscribers on the ‘RealHit’ YouTube channel. Their story can be watched on Josh Talks in detail.

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