Nas Daily Reveals YouTube Earnings of 2023 Across His Four Businesses

Hemant Kumar

Nas Daily YouTube Earnings and Company Revenue

Nuseir Yassin, the popular video creator and founder of Nas Daily, recently revealed the revenue of his company to be $12 Million in the year 2023 generated from four of his successful products — Nas Daily,, Nas Academy and Nas Summit.

With over 65 Million followers across social media, Nas Daily is considered one of the most successful video creators in the world generating millions of money and influencing billions of people. In the year 2023 only, Nas Daily gained around 9.5 Million followers and over 5.4 Billion views.

The brand ‘Nas Daily’ was created in 2016 when Nuseir embarked on a mission to make a 1-minute video every day for 1000 days on Facebook. Today, the mission has transformed into a global storytelling media company launching various products and connecting people across the world.

Nas Daily has now become a full-fledged media production agency (Nas Studios) along with creating videos on social media platforms. The other products include, a community monetization SaaS platform; Nas Academy, an online upskilling platform for content creators; and Nas Summit, a conference for content creators from around the globe.

The $12 Million revenue that Nas Daily has generated this year comprises all of his businesses along with earnings from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. Opening his books to the world, Nuseir said in a video that he hopes to double the revenue in the next year.

We are a bunch of passionate people working extremely hard to do good and do well at the same time. All the money we make is invested back in the company to create more jobs,” he added.

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He didn’t reveal much about how much he earned from YouTube, but it might be over $100K per month as Nas Daily was already making around $50,000 a month in the year 2021. Team Nas Academy has earlier shared about this in a blog post talking about the net worth of Nas Daily.

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