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Marques Brownlee MKBHD YouTube Success Story

Are you wondering which laptop to buy? Which phone will probably be the best choice for you? Meet the renowned tech specialist and reviewer Marques Keith Brownlee, commonly known by MKBHD.

Brownlee is an American YouTuber, who is well-known for his technology-focused videos and podcast Waveform. Not only a technology enthusiast but also, a professional frisbee player. On his world-famous YouTube channel, he posts reviews of everything from video games to drones to smartphones.

MKBHD YouTube Success Story

Brownlee started his journey as a YouTube in 2009, when was only a teenager. First, every video he uploaded was with his new HP Laptop. Initially, he used to review products he already owned. When he made his first video, he produced it through screencasting.

Brownlee uploads videos related to consumer technology products, such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and drones. His first few hundred videos were primarily hardware tutorials and freeware.

In 2011, he graduated from his school and then majored in business and information technology at the Howe School at Stevens Institute of Technology.

After his graduation in 2015, he became a full-time YouTuber and solely focused on content creation. With time his content improved, and he came up with new products and technology.  Now, he is known for his high-quality production, clear and concise explanations, and engaging personality.

His YouTube channel, MKBHD has over 18 Million subscribers and 3.93 Billion total views. In 2019, he was named “Creator of the Decade” at the 10th Shorty Awards. Through his reach on YouTube, under MKBHD interviews, he interviews the most prominent personalities of the tech industry, such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kobe Bryant and the list goes on.

In his YouTube channel, he produces exceptional content relating to the unboxing of tech products, reviews of new mobile phone models — why one can prefer it, AI explained, ear pods or air pods — which one to prefer — questions you all have, and much more.

Through his videos, he vividly informs through perspective header, where you can easily go and get your queries resolved. Headers involve explanations, reviews, dope tech, first impressions, retro tech, and MKBHD interviews.

Idea of Starting a YouTube Channel

It was back in high school when he was a teenager. He always had a keen for technology, and this was the time when he saved up to buy a laptop. So, he watched a lot of YouTube videos on laptops to buy. Then, when he bought the laptop, he realised that there were some functions and parts of the laptop that weren’t mentioned in those videos.

All of a sudden, the idea just came to him at that moment, because he felt like making a video of his own in his webcam and elucidating those functions to them. Then, he steadily started making these videos by explaining the features of his own laptop, such as the software, the mouse, and the keyboard, and he just turned into a tech YouTube channel.

He realised the importance of these videos, as people who are in dilemma of what to prefer, or what not to. Those people will be able to make better decisions.

As the channel improved and with time as the subscribers increased, the channel started to build and the brand got established. In December 2019, the channel reached 10 million subscribers which made MKBHD one of the most subscribed technology-focused YouTube channels.

In an interview, he said now they will scale their brand to an even larger level. In upcoming projects, they will be introducing a few more YouTube channels and will be releasing Season 3 of Retro Tech. They will be introducing writing technical to their team in future projects.

Retro Tech series

Retro Tech is a tech series started by Marques Brownlee, a YouTube original series produced by Vox Studies. Retro Tech by MKBHD is a fun and informative show that showcases, how technology has evolved over the years, and how it has shaped our culture and society.

The series explores the history and impact of iconic pieces of technology from the past, such as camcorders, walkmans, polaroids, and more. Up now, the series has two seasons: season one aired in December 2019 and the second season came in April 2021.

Each season has six episodes, and each episode is about 20 to 30 minutes long. is a fun and informative show that showcases how technology has evolved over the years, and how it has shaped our culture and society.

Podcast: Waveform

Waveform is a tech podcast hosted by Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, and his co-hosts Andrew Manganelli and David Imel. In the podcast, they talk about the latest and greatest in technology, gadgets, and consumer electronics, as well as their experiences as tech reviewers and content creators.

Also, they interview other experts, celebrities, and industry leaders who share their insights related to tech. This is a fun and lively platform where one can learn a lot about technology and its various aspects where they have created about 166 videos of Waveform, till date.

Apart from his YouTube channel, podcast and launching his own YouTube original series, Marques and his team have launched their own merch for the same, within their brand name

A tech-driven journey of a teenager to a well-established tech creator and entrepreneur, Marques Brownlee, creator of the decade, brought his passion for technology to the next level. His observational skills and thirst for technology made him a powerful businessman of today.

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