Snapseed is a photo editing app owned by Google which has an amazing option of scanning QR Code Presets that can edit your photos in just a few seconds.

1. Open your photo in Snapseed App 2. Tap on Edit Stack icon 3. Click on QR look 4. Tap on Scan QR look

How to Apply Snapseed QR Code Preset?

Here are 20+ Best Snapseed Presets QR Code.

Warm Glow  Portrait Photo Effect

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Cool Contrast Photo Effect

Bright Green Photo Effect

Cinematic Dark Photo Preset

Red Colour Photo Filter Snapseed

Purple Tone Photo Filter

Cool Gray Photo Filter

Sunny Day Snapseed Photo Effect

Cinematic Black and White Effect

Magenta Toned Photo Filter

Colourful Light Leaks Effect

Bright Beige Snapseed Effect

Golden Hour Photography Effect

Soft Glow Snapseed Preset QR Code

Cool Colourful Photo Effect Snapseed

Black and White Filter Snapseed Preset

Yellow Tone Snapseed Preset

Pinkish Tone Photo Filter Snapseed

Warm Filter Snapseed Preset

Orange Tone Snapseed Preset

Vintage Style Snapseed Preset