Malika Sadani Building the Baby Care Startup The Moms Co.

Meet Malika Sadani, the founder and CEO of The Moms Co., a one-stop shop for all mothers and their babies. A company that was made out of personal needs and is now serving millions of moms and their babies to live a safer, carefree life.

Malika is catering to the needs of moms by never making them compromise on quality, safety and love with the help of The Moms Co. It has got every product ranging from complete skin care for your baby to complete pregnancy care for you! 

Founded in May 2016, The Moms Co. brings the two worlds, motherhood and science together and crafts entirely natural and safe products so that you never have to resort to another brand, ever again. The brand collaborates with experts from India, Australia and Switzerland to create products that are safe for both the mom and the baby. 

I am an obsessive mother, always have been. I’m sure there are enough moms like me who want the best for themselves and their babies and hate having to compromise on the safety of the products they use for themselves and their families. At The Moms Co., we strive to create products that are Natural, come with proof of performance, are extremely safe to use, and are made with zero compromises. These products meet the global safety standards and I can use them fearlessly for myself and my family,” says she.

Malika has an engineering degree in electronics from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra. Later, she pursued her MBA in Finance from Welingkar Institute of Management in Mumbai. She worked as a banker for some time and quit her job to become a full-time mother.

Startup idea behind The Moms Co.

Given the expansive market associated with baby care products, it is hard to find the right thing for your needs. There are so many products to choose from and this makes it extremely difficult to make healthy choices.

All mothers trade their well-being for that of their children. They are in continuous search for products that ensure the right kind of nourishment for their kids.

As a mother of two daughters, Malika was constantly apprehensive about her children’s health and safety. She was in constant search of products that would meet her needs. “I was looking for natural and safe and effective for my daughters,” she says.

She was amused by the fact that she couldn’t find anything related to what she was looking for. When she was having her second baby, she realised that there was no specific product in the market that catered to the needs of a pregnant, soon-to-be mom.

Upon asking a few of her friends who were also mothers, she realised that there was no fixed brand that was being used by them. These deficits in the market were clearly observed by her and as a mother of two, she decided to take a powerful initiative on behalf of all the wonderful moms out there and make their lives a bit easier.

As a result of channelling her inner mom and a burning passion to make her child’s life safer, The Moms Co. was created, a unique chain of products scientifically designed with care and drops of motherhood. And today, the company has gained the trust of over 2 million customers.

Currently, The Moms Co. has been acquired by The Good Glamm Group.

Standing out in a market full of similar products

Building a brand that already has a good amount of competition is nowhere near easy. Malika says that she was always honest about the brand’s purpose and stuck to it; this is why a lot of moms all over the world were able to sympathise with her brand. This made her company come across as authentic and trustworthy.

She says, “As a brand, we were always very honest. I wanted to create something that I could use on my children. And when I created it with that honestly it showed in the product, in the communication, and in the way it stood for the brand and that kind of hit home with a lot of consumers.”

“I genuinely wanted to create really good products that were world-class based out of India that I could use on my family,” she adds.

Her take on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey and it’s going to keep you up for nights and nights altogether and you have to be up for it. And you should be really passionate about what you’re looking to build”.

To the young people looking for some inspiration, she advises them to just start. Whatever it is that keeps you up at night and is worth losing sleep over, do it. 

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