Inspiring Startup Story of FITTR Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Online Platform

Ritika Deshpande

Success Story of Fittr Founder Jitendra Chouksey

Fittr is an online fitness and personal training platform that aims at transforming millions of lives by making them healthier, stronger, and ready to take on life’s challenges because there’s nothing more rewarding than the beauty of being fit. 

At Fittr, they provide a safe space that is free of judgement. To date, they have helped transform the health and lifestyle of more than 300,000 people from across the globe and from all walks of life.

Bollywood actor-turned-investor Suniel Shetty has also invested an undisclosed amount in this Pune-based health and wellness startup. Fittr’s mission is to reach out to 50 million people and make them fit, create jobs in the fitness industry, and teach people how easy it is to stay fit.

Founder of Fittr

Jitendra Chouskey is the brain behind Fittr. He was born and raised in a tiny village called Polaha in Madhya Pradesh, India, and went to a boarding school where he was bullied to the point where he felt shattered and isolated.

He was also diagnosed with juvenile osteoporosis, a rare condition that weakens bones at a young age. He had not a single hand to hold and food became his solace. As a result, he gained noticeable weight and led an unhealthy lifestyle until in 8 grade, a friend pointed out how much of a destructive life he was living.

This was the driving force that made him go to the gym. Since then, he never looked back. The gym became his paradise, his happy zone, and the place where he’d go and fight all his demons. 

Startup Story of Fittr

Years later, Jitendra competed professionally and started posting his progress pictures on social media. While some of the comments were really appreciative, some of them needed advice.

Just to help them out for free, he created a small WhatsApp group. This very WhatsApp group became the foundation of what Fittr is today. Helping out. Helping out people in need of guidance.

As people started admiring his efforts, he discerned a hint of validation that he’d never received in his entire life. He got hooked on the feeling of being validated.

He then went on to write a small document called ‘Get Shredded’ and published it for free on Facebook. Thousands of people downloaded it, his vision expanded, and he reached out to his Facebook community in order to create something much more powerful.

With their funding and his personal savings, he started a fitness company called Squats Fitness Pvt Ltd in 2015. In 2016, he launched, which had 14 coaches, and saw immediate success.

In the first month itself, we did a revenue of over 10 lakh rupees,” says Jitendra at Josh Talks. was rebranded in 2019 as FITTR. 

Why do we need a platform like Fittr?

We live in a social media-driven world where it’s extremely easy to get misinformed. The problem arises when misinformed people spew misinformation on the internet, therefore misleading their audiences into thinking that the false information that is being spread is legitimate. Sounds confusing?

Imagine how confused the people resorting to this information must be then. Ever seen those 4-minute ab workouts and weightless arm workouts that guarantee results in the span of a little over a week?

Well, sorry to burst your comfortable little bubble, but fitness is not flapping your arms up and down and expecting results in a flash.

Fitness is all about consistency, physical as well as mental wellness, feeling good about your body and the insane amount of awesome things it can do. It is the art of getting better and better as time goes by. 

What does Fittr offer?

The FITTR app was launched in September 2018 with the goal of democratising health and fitness. Today, it has over 600 internationally certified coaches dedicated to helping you achieve any fitness goal that you have in mind.

The obvious cherry on top would be the fact that their offerings are affordable for the most part. Their website says, “FITTR’s coaching packages start from as low as ₹175! We aim to offer affordable fitness packages that are result-oriented and backed by science.

Fittr offers customised diets and workout plans that suit each and every level of fitness- whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced lifter who has years of experience; or anywhere in the middle.

With Fittr, you have the absolute liberty to work out the way you like. Every training program can be catered to your needs and interests. Whether it is yoga, martial arts, strength and conditioning, or Zumba, it has got you covered.

Feeling demotivated? You have a community of millions of people who’ve got your back. Got any doubts about fitness and nutrition? You have access to interact with experts in the Fittr community whenever you want.

Success Story of FITTR

The customer reviews of Fittr tell the story of its impact, and how successful it has become in the space of fitness and nutrition coaching. Here’s one of the reviews people have shared online.

This is the most wonderful platform I’ve come across, they don’t prompt you to pick coaches like many other apps do, have all the features available for free and even provide you with free diet and workout plans as well, what else do we need!!!! And if you want to opt for a coach, I’d recommend definitely going for it, I’ve lost 45kgs so far with Fittr and this is the best thing that happened to me”.

What started out as a tiny WhatsApp community is now one of India’s largest fitness communities making millions of people ‘Fittr’ each day. 

With the help of the FITTR, Jitendra Chouksey wishes to continue inspiring others and get them out of the hellhole in their heads just like he did.

I wish to reach out to every guy who’s starting out his journey and feeling dejected and feeling like that boy in the corner of the classroom. Hold your dreams close to your heart, they are truly yours. Even if people don’t understand, the only person who has to understand those dreams is you” he says.

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