How Josh Talks is Inspiring People Story after Story?

Josh Talks is an Indian media platform devoted to shedding light on India’s most inspiring stories. These are stories of entrepreneurs, civil servants, sportspersons, activists – ordinary Indians who have achieved extraordinary things in their lives.

It was founded in January 2015 by two young entrepreneurs- Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga and is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. They say all you need is Josh.

The word Josh is not to be confused with the name Josh, it is really a Hindi word meaning ‘enthusiasm’. The platform shares wide-ranging stories encircling every kind of person you can think of, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary they may be.

“Josh is on a mission to unlock human potential by creating tools that effectively nurture each individual’s potential” is what they say about their quest. 

Josh Talks Startup Story

The co-founders, Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga started Josh Talks while they were still in college. Starting a huge company when you yourself are unaware of how the world really functions is extremely challenging. But they truly outdid themselves, and look where they stand today. 

Supriya and Shobhit met through a mutual friend and Supriya said that they couldn’t have been more different. Supriya was from a very academically driven background while Shobhit dropped out of school to pursue sports and excelled at them. But they did share one single commonality.

Josh Talks is the result of this very common ground. They both thought that young people have so much potential but they don’t tend to act upon it. They both were keen on changing this detrimental mindset of being too lazy to work on your unending abilities.

Wanting people to start off with the right kind of role models was really the motive. They both genuinely advocate the power of stories and how they can have this serious potential to turn an individual’s life around.

Challenges and Success

In 2014, they organized their first in-person event at Air Force Bal Bharti and hosted more than 300 people. Later in 2016, they organized Josh Talks LEAP, a revolutionary event full of intriguing stories, which was attended by more than 6,000 people. 

In 2017, they started their online journey and launched Josh Talks in Hindi, followed by other channels in regional languages. In 2020, they released the Josh Skills app that enhances your communication skills in English. 

In addition to being highly informational and stimulating, their stories are inclined to be inclusive. Their inspiring stories are available in 10 regional languages for everyone in India to make the most of their time. Now their online reach has become so huge that everyone wants to become a Josh Talks speaker and share their story to millions of people.

Journey of Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga

Supriya Paul, the CEO of Josh Talks was born on 16 September 1993 in New Delhi, India. She completed her studies at Sri Venkateswara College. Besides this, she’s also studied Hindustani Classical Music for 13 years.

She’s also released her own book called ‘All You Need is Josh: Stories of Courage and Conviction in 21st Century India’. It contains 30 incredibly inspiring stories of people who had the ‘Josh’ in them to make life happen.

Shobhit was born in 1991 in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. He dropped out of school to play tennis at the state level. He later joined India’s first professional cycling team and became the youngest Indian to qualify for the Paris-Brest-Paris a long-distance cycling event.

Aside from his career in sports, he wanted to do something more. “I wanted to build a future where inequality in upbringing and asymmetry in exposure could be bridged through the power of the mobile phone. This became the foundation of Josh Talks, which I co-founded with Supriya,” says he. 

Impact of Unlocking Human Potential

Josh Talks has 16 million+ cumulative subscribers across all their youtube channels and Josh Skills has over 3.2 million downloads with 200,000 paid users. Their content has gained over 2 billion lifetime views. Imagine the number of people they’ve influenced!

Some of the well-known individuals that have been featured on Josh Talks are Tech Burner, Namita Thapar, Prafull Billore aka MBA Chaiwala, Komal Pandey, and Shyam Pathak aka the famous ‘Popatlal’ from TMKOC to name a few.

They have been featured in the Forbes magazine ‘Asia 30 Under 30‘ list for 2018. Josh Talks was awarded the National Media Award by the Honourable President of India in 2019. Supriya was featured in Forbes Top 20 Self-Made Women in India.

In 2022, they raised $3.5M from Ankur Capital and marquee investors. And Josh Talks is constantly launching new products and services to help people succeed in their life. In the future, they will continue to inspire people all around the world through their engaging and electrifying stories as well as through their own stories. 

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