Abhi and Niyu Share Ideas with Top Govt Officials to Make India 1% Better

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The content creator couple, Abhi and Niyu had a short meeting with the top government officials, sharing ideas to make India 1% better. Abhiraj confirmed it on his Instagram story where he also asked the people about their ideas if they were to suggest to the officials.

A lot happens behind the scenes. But we can finally see our motto ‘farak padta hai‘ coming true,” said Abhi on his Instagram story. “People are taking note of our work and are willing to take suggestions. Imagine highest level govt officials sitting on the same table with a notepad and taking notes of how to make India 1% better,” he added.

Abhiraj and Niyati, popularly known as Abhi and Niyu are husband-wife content creators duo who started their journey with the purpose of making the internet positive and putting positive news in front of people. Their video series ‘100 Reasons to Love India‘ brought out positive stories about India, India’s changemakers, our history, and culture and created an army of people who work to find solutions to everyday problems.

Currently, they create solution-oriented informative videos on socio-economic issues, contemporary events, geopolitics, and everything that the mainstream media ignore but is important for India and her people.

With more than 4.8 Million subscribers on YouTube and 2.7 Million followers on Instagram, Abhi and Niyu are making a huge impact on the mindset of people by educating them about important topics and sharing solutions and ideas that can really make our society a little bit better.

In every video, they share some ideas that even common people can adopt to make our country at least 1% better and they tell people that these small steps do make a difference (Farak padta hai). And now their motto of making videos seems to become fruitful with top govt officials taking note of their work and willing to take some suggestions.

Due to the impact of their work, Abhi and Niyu have also been featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 as the ‘Most Impactful Influencer of the Year 2020’. They are invited regularly for keynote speeches at different events, and they are happy to create content that tries to make people positive through their solution-oriented videos.

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