Niyati from Abhi and Niyu Complains About Random Calls from College Fest Organisers

Hemant Kumar

Abhi and Niyu College Fest Random Calls

Niyati Mavinkurve, also known as Niyu who is the co-founder and co-presenter at the Abhi and Niyu YouTube channel has complained about random unknown calls from organisers of college fests.

She shared the whole incident on a series of Instagram stories and also on a LinkedIn post saying, “This is constant harassment from colleges to check their emails RIGHT NOW when they call.

To put things in perspective, I got a call at 10 PM last night to invite me for an event?”, she added questioning the unprofessional behaviour of the organising teams.

Abhi and Niyu College Fest Invite Random Calls
Screenshots of the LinkedIn Post and Instagram Story

With over 5 Million subscribers on YouTube, Abhi and Niyu have now become celebrity influencers and so they’re constantly approached for keynote speakers at different events and college fests.

A professional way to invite any speaker or social media influencer is by sending them an email. Abhi and Niyu also get these invitation emails, but they are even getting random calls from event organisers to check those emails right when they call.

First of all, it’s not a professional way to cold call any person by getting their contact numbers from third-party sources. The problematic part is that they are getting calls even at night, and are expected to check emails right now.

Most of these random calls are from college fest organisers from reputed institutions, as per the information shared by Niyu on Instagram story. And this type of unprofessional conduct by students who are just going to enter into the corporate world is very concerning.

If more influencers face the same problem then the whole concept of going to events may be rejected whenever any person gets an invitation.

Harassed by these kinds of unknown calls, Niyu even said in her LinkedIn post, “If any college calls me personally on my number to invite me for their events, I will NOT GO.

College fests provide a very unique opportunity for students to learn from and network with entrepreneurs, creators and industry leaders; and their reputation should be maintained with professionalism.

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