Journey of Tech Burner from YouTubing to Entrepreneurship

Ritika Deshpande

YouTuber Tech Burner Success Story

Meet Shlok Srivastava, India’s most reviving content creator and the man behind one of the biggest tech channels in the world.

Shlok is a content creator and the founder of Tech Burner– A youtube channel revolving around technology and unique products that are the result of technological advancements. 

If you’re in search of educational but amusing tech content that won’t ever bombard your brain with specifications and bore you with technicalities, then Tech Burner is your go-to YouTube channel.

His videos are packed with bits of pleasantries that are guaranteed to make you laugh in addition to learning so much about technology. What more would one want? If you like a hint of goofiness and lighthearted humour, Tech Burner is for you and you only.

Why the name Tech Burner? You might ask. Well, we’ve got the answer to that. When he was brainstorming about a cool name to use for his channel, he had an epiphany. “We all have this fire burning inside of us,” he thought, and that’s how the name Tech Burner came into existence. 

Early Life and Content Creation Journey

Born in Delhi, Shlok was always a smart kid in school and wanted to get into IIT. He worked relentlessly but unfortunately couldn’t clear his entrance exams. This was the time when failure had hit him hard but he didn’t give up and instead enrolled himself at SRM University in Chennai.

Since then, he had the liberty to find his true self and passion in this incoherent mess that is the world and developed a passion for design. He wanted to be a designer and eventually establish a design company. But things didn’t go accordingly and his plan went down the drain. 

Nonetheless, he was always into technology and thought of creating a YouTube channel to step up his game. Although as a kid, he used to find social interaction really challenging and wasn’t really able to talk to people. As a result, he had to push himself to talk to the camera and eventually did become comfortable with it.

He uploaded his first video in 2014 while he was still in college. One of his first videos was a tutorial on ‘how to root your phone‘ which received many positive feedbacks from around 10 people and this interaction through the comments really pushed him to create more fun and informative content for the people. These 10 comments continued to multiply and he now has a monumental community of millions.

His impact on the world

Along with his YouTube channel, he has his own clothing brand called OverlaysClothing. This clothing line presents some of the trendiest graphic tees and most unique designs one could ever lay their eyes on.

To us, quality is something that cannot be compromised. We focus on refining the small details like the fabric’s fitting and quality to increase their functionality in everyday life. We believe in making something unique that gives the fashion vibes and promises maximum comfort,” says Shlok.

With several years in the making, he finally launched in September 2022. Layers is a store for mobile and laptop skins exclusively designed by him and his team. After carefully scrutinising the market for phone skins, he saw several deficits in it and finally decided to take on his own store to bridge the gap. The products are full of unmatched and exquisite designs that will certainly catch anyone’s eye.

We can clearly infer that the fire in him for designing hasn’t burned out at all. His YouTube channel has over 9.8 Million subscribers as of Nov 2022 and is soon to hit the diamond 10 Million mark. Also, he has 2.2 Million followers on Instagram.

His contribution to the tech world is truly noteworthy and his one-in-a-million approach to creating content really stands out from the rest.

His thoughts on motivation

Shlok Srivastava once said that he almost always lacks the motivation to keep doing what he does, but he doesn’t really rely on external motivation to keep him going.

He says that a certain something keeps him going. And that certain something is the ‘why’ behind his actions. Every single time he puts out a video, he sees the efficacious impact it has on people and that is what truly keeps him going. That is his ‘why’. What is yours?

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