Success Story of Mr Indian Hacker, YouTuber Dilraj Singh Rawat

Ritika Deshpande

Mr Indian Hacker YouTube Success Story

Dilraj Singh Rawat, popularly known as Mr Indian Hacker, is not quite the hacker you’d have imagined him to be. He, contrary to what his name suggests, is a YouTuber who carries out incredibly mind-boggling science experiments on his channel.

With a massive subscriber count of over 30 million plus people, Mr Indian Hacker can be called the largest experimentation channel in India. His channel is all about experimentation and having fun with science, as he demonstrates crazy but exciting outcomes that are part and parcel of haphazard experiments.

He always comes up with different ways to keep the fun alive and does crazy experiments such as creating a dead sea at home with zero gravity, turning a car into a water heater, making the world’s biggest Diwali anar, testing remote control firecrackers, and so much more exciting stuff that’ll keep you on your toes.

In short, he already has the answers to all the ridiculous and bizarre questions that you may have had!

YouTube Journey

Dilraj created his YouTube channel way back in 2012 while he was still in school, and this was the time when the world was still relatively new to the concept of youtube. When he found out that even ordinary people like you and I could upload videos on the platform, he started putting them out, receiving just a couple of views.

He got his first paycheck from youtube worth Rs 10,000 in 2016, and since then, he’s been unstoppable. He also worked a few jobs here and there, as he’d made a promise to himself not to spend his parents’ hard-earned money on himself. When his youtube finally started blooming, he decided to focus on it as a full-time career.

Life Story

DIlraj was born and brought up in a small town named Ajmer, Rajasthan. He was a science student in 12th grade, and students always had to stick to the objective rules of science in their laboratory.

Being the rebellious student that he was, he deliberately mixed sodium with water and watched an explosion happen right in front of his eyes. From here, his journey with science exploration started.

At his workplace, he injured his hand because of experimenting with liquid nitrogen, and due to this, along with many such incidents, he learnt that momentary fun came with its risks too.

And now on his channel, he and his team do research on the potential risks that they could get into beforehand, and safety is now something that he takes very very seriously.

He is super consistent with his uploading schedule and makes sure to upload over three videos per week, and people are attracted to his videos for a multitude of reasons. If you’re curious to know if your iPhone would survive under extreme temperatures, you know what YouTube channel to go to!

Formal Education

After starting a YouTube channel with a steady income, formal education wasn’t his first priority in life. Formal education doesn’t work for everyone.

Sometimes, life happens, and this life can leave so much more behind than formal education has ever taught you.

Dilraj believes in expanding his knowledge by putting himself out there in real life over solely getting his hands over multiple degrees, and we could possibly say that he’s lived and learned, and not the other way around.


Coming from a farming background, achieving financial stability was hard for him and his family. In a video of his, he reveals that he had to live without proper clothing and shoes, nor did he have a comfortable place to live in. He had to borrow electricity from his neighbours.

The way he managed to turn his life around with the help of YouTube, goes to show that nothing in the world is truly unachievable if you’re ready to put your heart and soul into something that matters to you; making excuses is never an option now.

Advice for aspiring content creators

If you’re someone who’s interested in creating experiments just like him, he has got solid advice for you. He says that your #1 priority should be the safety of you and your team, as well as that of your surroundings.

Another thing he’s absolutely against is doing illegal and unethical experiments, and he wants you to always make sure whatever you’re doing is legal. He also encourages people to continue their education and work despite starting a youtube channel.

Immediate success is never guaranteed on YouTube, and he asks his viewers not to rush into leaving everything aside just for YouTube. But once you’ve gained a steady income from the platform and a fair amount of subscribers, you’re free to focus on YouTube as a full-time career.

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