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Capcut Video Templates and AI Photos

Rajan Editz is a popular digital creator who makes videos on trending Instagram reels and how to do video editing using Capcut templates and VN Video Editor templates QR Code.

Nowadays, recreating a trending video has become very easy. Mobile video editing apps like Capcut and VN Editor have an option to edit a video through templates where you can create a video by uploading your own photos and video clips in a few seconds.

Capcut templates are predefined video editing templates with all the effects, SFX and adjustments set beforehand, you have to just replace the media files with your own photos or videos and all the effects will be applied to your video.

Not only Capcut, but VN Video Editor also has the option of editing videos through templates and it’s easier than Capcut. VN provides a QR code for a video template and you can easily use one by scanning it through the VN app.

You can easily find hundreds of video templates on the Internet. But, here you’ll get some of the most popular trending Instagram Reels Capcut Templates shared by Rajan Editz that you can use to create your own videos and post on Instagram.

How to Edit Videos with Capcut Templates?

Capcut is a very popular video editing app that you have to first install on your smartphone. If you’re facing issues then you can use a VPN app while using the app.

Now, find a Capcut template link of the video that you want to recreate with your own photos and video clips. You’ll find a lot of templates at the bottom of this article or you can click here for unlimited Capcut Templates.

As you click on the template link, it will redirect you to the Capcut app where the template video will open. Now, you have to download and use the template by uploading your photos or media clips. Then a preview of the video will be shown, and then you can export the video on your smartphone.

Keep in mind that connecting to a VPN server may be required to use the Capcut app if you’re facing issues in downloading the Capcut app or opening the video templates. You can easily find numerous free VPN apps on the Google Play Store.

Rajan Editz Capcut Templates

Aa Tenu Mojj Krawa Video TemplateLink
Boys Attitude Video TemplateLink
Paisa Capcut Video TemplateLink
Your Mobile Type Capcut TemplateLink
Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai Song TemplateLink
Unroll The Curtain Capcut TemplateLink
Diamond in the Sky TemplateLink
Trend Shadow Man Capcut TemplateLink
Wael Capcut TemplateLink
Superman Eminem Capcut TemplateLink
Instagram Profile Capcut TemplateLink
Beat Sync TemplateLink
Mau Show Capcut TemplateLink
Khung Doc La TemplateLink
Love or Dream TemplateLink
Airdrop Capcut TemplateLink
Sigma Male Video TemplateLink
Couple Wings AI Photo Bing Image Creator

Wings AI Image Editing Prompts

In the dynamic world of social media, one more trend is going on right now where people are generating AI photos through Bing Image Creator by entering text prompts and posting those AI images on Instagram and other social media platforms.

You too can create AI images of your own and post them on social media. You might have seen Wings Chair AI Images, here are some text prompts that you can copy and paste on Bing Image Creator and generate your AI images.

Wings Chair AI Image with Name Photo Editing

Create a realistic 3D illusion for a profile picture where a 22-year-old cute boy in a white jacket sits casually on a King of Beasts Throne Chair. With a rifle in hand. And a ferocious lion by my side. Wearing sneakers, he looks ahead. The background features “MAHI” in big and capital Red neon light fonts on the dark grey wall. There should not be his shadow, and there are wings to make it appear as if he is an angel.

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