Download Tahir Editz VN Codes and Capcut Templates of Trending Reels

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Tahir Editz VN QR Code and Capcut Templates

Tahir Editz is a popular video creator who shares video editing templates of Capcut and VN Video Editor for making trending Instagram reels. You can also download these templates for free and use them to make your videos in just a few minutes.

VN Video Editor is a mobile video editing app famous for creating reels among Instagram creators which has some amazing features like editing software on PC.

Capcut is another video editing app popular for its AI-related features allowing users to make videos with cinematic effects and filters on their smartphone.

Both these apps have the option of making videos through templates. VN Templates or Capcut Templates are presets that allow people to replace the media files with their videos and photos, and the final video can be edited in just a few minutes.

If you post short videos on Instagram or any other social media platform with trending music, then this is a great way to make trending videos just by replacing the media files with your photos and video clips and all the editing will be applied through the templates.

You can easily find Capcut Templates on the Internet, also nowadays many creators on Instagram make videos on how to make videos like the trending ones. Tahir Editz is one such creator who also shares VN Code templates that you can use to edit your videos and post them on social media.

Video Editing with VN QR Code Templates

The video editing templates of the VN Video Editor app can be found in the form of QR Codes that you can scan using the VN app and then replace media files with your photos and video clips and then export that video with all the pre-loaded effects and filters.

Here’s how to make a video using a VN QR Code template.

VN Video Editor QR Code Scanning Process
  • First, open the VN Video Editor on your smartphone and tap on the Scanner icon in the upper right corner present just before the 3-dots icon.
  • Then select the downloaded VN QR Code from the phone gallery.
  • The template video will be opened where you have to click on the Use button.
  • Now select your video clips and photos that you want to add to the final video and then click on the Next button.
  • Your video will be previewed on the next screen where you can adjust some settings if you want to, and then you have to tap on the Export icon and then save the video to your phone.

This way, you can very easily make your own video like the trending reels on Instagram that you watch with viral music and songs. Here you will get to download a lot of VN QR Code templates for your video editing.

3D Wings Chair AI Image

Trending Video Editing with Capcut Templates

Capcut video editing app may not show on the Play Store, so you can download it from the Internet if your phone doesn’t have the app installed. If you’re reading this from India, then you might have to use a VPN app in order to use Capcut templates for video editing.

If you’re having some troubles in downloading the Capcut app or opening the Capcut templates, then first install a VPN app on your phone and then connect it and then try to use the Capcut app.

To edit videos using Capcut templates, you have to click on the template link and that will redirect you to the Capcut app opening the template. Then you can easily replace the media files with your photos and video clips and then export the final video to your smartphone.

Keep in mind that connecting to a VPN app may be required before clicking on the Capcut Template link. First, try to open the template link, and if it’s not working then go with a VPN connection.

Here are some of the Capcut Templates shared by Tahir Editz that you can use to edit your own videos with cinematic effects and music. Click on the template link and it will open the Capcut app if your phone the app installed, if not then first download the app.

Capcut TemplateTemplate Link
Adjust Video Filter TemplateLink
Mobile Phone TemplateLink
Trend Shado Man TemplateLink
Eminem SUperman TemplateLink
Capcut Interface TemplateLink
Viral Weal TemplateLink
Speed Ramp Zoom In EffectLink
Camera Lenta TemplateLink
Speed Ramp Video TemplateLink
3D Alight Motion TemplateLink
Slow Suave Capcut TemplateLink
Diamonds in the SkyLink
Photo Dump Capcut TemplateLink
Shake Transition TemplateLink
3D Smooth ImageLink
Split Screen TemplateLink
Flash Photo Slide TemplateLink
Loading Effect TemplateLink

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