Inspiring Story of Nas Daily Bringing People Together with 1-Minute Videos

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Nas Daily Success Story of Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin, known for his social media page — Nas Daily, is a popular digital creator in today’s time who makes infotainment videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other video platforms and is famous for his 1-minute short videos.

So, what is the meaning of Nas Daily? Is this the question that strikes you at first? ‘Nas‘ refers to ‘People’ in Arabic. With Nas Daily, Nuseir is trying to educate and bring people together through his engaging videos while travelling the world.

Started as a Facebook page, Nas Daily is now an established brand that makes informative videos to inspire and generate optimistic values in the minds of the future generation. It has a vision of enlightening our youth through its storytelling.

One 1-Minute Video Daily for 1000 Days

Nas Daily was started in 2016 as a vlogging page on Facebook by its founder Nuseir Yassin, an Israeli-Palestinian vlogger. He travelled the world to make the Nas Daily vlog phenomenon enjoyable for his viewers.

He took it upon himself to establish Nas Daily as a brand, thus he gave himself the challenge of making one 1-minute video daily for 1000 days.

Nas Daily is the result of its founder, Nuseir Yassin’s passion for travel. He took his first trip to Kenya, after purchasing a camera with his savings. He documented his travels as videos and posted them on Facebook.

After 230 days, he felt almost like quitting, but he didn’t lose hope and till day 400, he reached about 1 million people. Still, the income of Nas Daily was zero for the first 500 days until a Russian media company offered him a job to create travel videos and covered his expenses.

Steadily, when Nas Daily reached 609 days the whole horizon had changed, and Nas Daily became the face of people with millions of connections all around the world.

Journey to Nas Studios and Nas Company

On day 1000, the Nas Daily mission was completed. The very next day i.e., on day 1001, Nas Studios was founded as a video production company with a whole community of people who were ready to unite and tell new stories.

After getting success on Facebook, Nas Daily started uploading his videos on YouTube and other video platforms as well. With every passing day community strengthened, and new ideas and opportunities came that’s how Nas Daily got to open its doors to the world.

The next obvious step was to become an entrepreneur and that’s when Nuseir established the Nas Company whose mission is to build community products that bring people together., Nas Academy, and Nas Summit are some of the well-known products under the Nas Company., a community-monetisation tech platform for creators, helps digital creators launch online courses, paid membership, newsletters, and event hosting to build a sustainable business out of the community gained from content creation.

Nas Academy runs a creator accelerator program where Nuseir and his team members teach people how to become successful content creators and make a living out of it.

Nuseir is now focusing on building a community of creators from around the world, and so has launched Nas Summit which is an international gathering of creators in different cities of the world. He also started a travel company named Nas Travels and is continuously launching some amazing products around the creator economy.

The Idea Behind Nas Daily

On multiple platforms, Nuseir has mentioned his faith in the human race and humanity and he reckons it to change. On those occasions, he said, “I think the world is a beautiful place, and I want to show it to you. That’s why I make one-minute videos every day to share with you the stories of people, places, and cultures that I encounter.

This is the major reason the company’s tagline proclaims its positivity and youth inspiration mission. It says, “We are a force for good.”

Nuseir’s idea behind creating a platform that will promote peace and the importance of education is a major factor in its acknowledgement and growth—where after facing so many backlashes either on his statements or his identity he maintained his faith in humanity and continued to do his work.

He has also said he is not afraid of the backlash and that he believes in his mission to show the world a positive and diverse perspective. Nuseir’s positive outlook towards the world can be seen in his videos at Nas Daily. This is a platform that creates impactful videos and brings people together.

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