This Indian Startup Makes Premium Electric Cars like Tesla

Ritika Deshpande

Pravaig Made in India EV Startup

Founded in 2011 by Siddhartha Bagri and Dhawal Kuller and headquartered in Bengaluru, Pravaig is a purely Indian deep-tech mobility company that engineers electric vehicles, batteries and artificial intelligence solutions for self-driving cars.

Interestingly, the name ‘Pravaig’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Speed’ and is completely engineered in India. “Without mobility, we’re nothing”, says Siddhartha Bagri, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pravaig.

With 11 years into the making, 5 prototypes [namely Abiogenesis, Protocell, Protodonate, T-rex, and Exponent] and 2 models [namely Extinction Mk1 and Extinction Mk2] later, Pravaig successfully launched their first electric cars called DEFY and VEER on 25 November 2022. 

Why Pravaig Electric Cars?

It’s always assuring to imagine a world where driving your ideal car doesn’t intensify the harsh consequences of pollution. Fortunately, with Pravaig, that imagination would turn into a beautiful, clean reality.

Their official website says that they’re “creating the most ecologically responsible and lowest carbon footprint car solution in the world” and that they’re “building private, open source, and decentralized technologies; and purpose-built cars for Mobility-as-a-Service application”.

According to a study conducted by EECA’s Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicles, EVs produce almost 80% fewer CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel vehicles and 60% fewer CO2 emissions across their lifecycle. Plus with electric vehicles, you get to save big money on gas!

Behind the Co-founders and Their Journey

It all started with two car enthusiasts, Siddhartha Bagri and Dhawal Khullar, dreaming of engineering a car as a mere hobby. These two went from being schoolmates to being forever bound together by their undying love for cars; and around 2007-2008, they started researching electric vehicles when they noticed a serious lack thereof.

Siddhartha dropped out of college to focus all his time and energy on his entrepreneurial journey. It may come as no surprise anymore as every entrepreneur who creates a remarkable product seems to have dropped out of college!

Ram Divedi, Dhawal Khullar, Siddhartha Bagri of Pravaig Dynamics

Dhawal went on to pursue an automotive engineering course. And what started as a hobby, turned into sleepless nights of strenuous work towards building their dream, to finally see it come to life.

Their goal has always been to improve mobility solutions and simplify them for the world. Siddhartha says that their brand revolves around the idea of “less is more” and their products perfectly fit into this standard. 

A Glimpse of What Pravaig Offers 

The newest DEFY calls itself a powerful long-range premium electric SUV with top-tier performance and never-seen-before-features. DEFY opens you up to a fantastic adventure you’ve never experienced before.

According to Siddhartha, the co-founder, the DEFY SUV excels at performance, features and ruggedness. With a range of more than 500 km, the car can go from 1-100 in just about 4 seconds and charges from 0-80% in just about 30 minutes.

DEFY is carefully crafted to stand out with its minimalistic approach to design. Their website says, “Our design intent was not to hide the presence of the car but also included subtle touches from Extinction MK1 as a tribute. High tension curves along with a sharp DLO make this car something like you’ve seen on the road.

Throw your safety concerns out of the window as DEFY guarantees 5-star security. You get access to 6 airbags along with a tyre pressure monitor. The car also includes an ADAS [Advanced Driver Assistance System] which plays a major role in death and injury prevention by reducing the number of accidents and/or their impact.

It also has an advanced air filtration system which is said to filter out fine dust and other similar particles that are harmful to the human body.

DEFY is specifically made for wanderers who want an extra kick to their driving adventures. It comes in 11 assorted colours namely Siachin Blue, Vermillion Red, Kaziranga Green, Lithium, Bordeaux, Hindigo, 5.56 Green, Moon Gray, Shani Black, Haldi Yellow, and Emperor Purple.

It was set to launch at the introductory price of 39.5 lakhs, and with this astonishingly premium price, come equally premium features. It’s packed with high-end facilities, including a brilliant 15.6 display on which you have the liberty to stream your favourite shows in high quality. In addition to that, you can play games like chess, Pacman, Chinese Checkers, etc.

You also get immersive audio quality blowing through Devialet, one of the best sound systems out there, to really delve into all those effervescent layers of your favourite songs.

Along with that, DEFY is filled with LED lights running through the exterior of the car, creating a beautiful HALO effect. We, unfortunately, cannot cover the entirety of the features that DEFY brings to us as there are so many, that you’d have to spend a whole day reading about them. 

On the other hand, the second variant is called VEER. With extra robustness, a sleek military pattern and an open-top design, it is specially made for defence and off-road driving purposes and has a battery life of 10 lakh km!

If you’re a sensation seeker, be on the lookout for this adventurous version of the SUV! It’s almost as if Pravaig is bringing about revolutionary technology in the form of electric vehicles that’ll soon dominate the world!

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