Startup Story of Euler Motors Making Three-Wheeler Cargo Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility, and last-mile delivery also needs to adopt these electric vehicles as the rapid growth of e-commerce is eventually increasing the amount of carbon footprint.

It is estimated that the demand for last-mile deliveries is set to increase by 78% by 2030 globally. This rapid growth of e-commerce means an inevitable increase in the amount of carbon footprint. As last-mile deliveries have become an essential part of our lives, it is especially important to look into their impact on the environment. 

According to a study done by, the last mile courier industry annually emits approximately 500 thousand tonnes of CO2 in India, and this is why companies like Euler Motors stepping into the market is considered highly impactful.

Founded in 2018 and based in Delhi, Euler Motors is an Indian electric vehicle company specialising in electric commercial vehicles. It is an OEM [Original equipment manufacturer] that focuses on producing electric cargo three-wheelers and aims to address the last-mile delivery and logistics segment, primarily in urban areas.

Saurav Kumar, founder and CEO of Euler Motors, and his team were heavily inspired by Tesla Motors and decided to set up an electric future for India. They manufactured their flagship product: HiLoad EV, which, according to them, is the smartest commercial EV you’ll ever get to see.

With the highest load capacity on a commercial EV [688kg] and with a range of 50kms in a 15-minute change that’s also smooth on rocky roads, it is meant to be practical, efficient and extremely safe.

With an extensive charging network, you’re guaranteed to always have a charged vehicle with you all the time. “One of the things that is fundamentally different from Euler and other companies is that we’re not just focused on getting one product out in the market, but we’re also looking at the ecosystem around the product and we believe that charging stations are equally important,” says Saurav.

Euler Motors also has an application to keep track of your rides from wherever you are. Drivers are able to search for the nearest charging slots and even book them beforehand. The vehicle’s battery temperature and warnings of pre-heating and cooling are recorded and seen.

Incorporating a liquid cooling system in their vehicles is what contributes to its extensive range. With real-time updates to track your vehicle from wherever you are, you won’t ever lose track of it.

They also introduced a not-so-thought-of feature that serves to be exceptionally helpful these days, which is their Driver Motor Control where you get to keep an eye on the driver’s reckless driving that keeps track of speeding, acceleration, unnecessary idling, and even seatbelt usage.

Euler Motors Founder Startup Story

Saurav Kumar, the CEO and founder of Euler Motors, has a master’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University in New York. He is a specialist in machine learning, business development, natural language processing, etc., with an extensive skillset in many aspects like aerial robotics, statistics, and analytics.

Euler Motors Founder Sourav Kumar
Sourav Kumar, Founder of Euler Motors, Image: Forbes India

In 2011, he started working as a software developer at Oracle in New York. Afterwards, he worked at Yahoo, earning an annual salary of 1.6 crore.

Later on, he left his job to pursue his passion and founded Cube 26, a technology firm meant to focus on user experience across various platforms and devices.

Saurav believed that the Indian EV game wasn’t as strong as his expectations, which is why he set out to put his knowledge to practical use and build the strongest one in the game. 

Their journey started in 2018 and since then, they have already deployed over 300 vehicles after testing them over the span of 3 years. Then in 2021, Euler Motors very successfully bagged an order of 2,500 EVs for huge e-commerce companies like BigBasket and Flipkart.

Recently, Fynn, an electric vehicle company has collaborated with Euler to deploy 2,000 EVs in the next 18 months. “Our partnership with Euler is a significant step towards building a mass electric ecosystem, transforming intra-city transportation in the country,” said Visakh Sasikumar, founder and CEO of Fyn.

With great efforts being made to make India greener than ever, EV companies like Euler Motors are surely changing the sustainability game in India.

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