YouTuber Jay Kapoor Shares 10 Lessons from his 10 Years of Content Creation

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YouTuber Jay Kapoor Content Creation Lessons

Jay Kapoor is a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer who started creating tech videos ten years ago and now he is known for his short informative reels sharing daily life hacks.

He started making tech videos when the creator ecosystem was just growing up, and he became the youngest tech YouTuber in India to achieve 100K subscribers in the year 2016.

Currently, his YouTube channel has over 600K subscribers and over 500K followers on Instagram. He has also developed a few mobile apps among which Gbox has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Jay Kapoor was recently featured on Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Stars, and he shared some amazing lessons from his decade-long journey of content creation through a post on LinkedIn. Here is a summary of those lessons.

Focus on value, not views

Making useful content that people can get help from, something that they can apply is the secret of success in content creation. Views are vanity metrics and they don’t matter unless your content adds value to the life of your viewers.

Understand your audience’s POV

If you are creating content without understanding your target audience, then all your hard work will be pointless. Having an audience’s point of view (POV) works like magic.

Don’t create because you’re a creator, think about the problems of your audience, and then make your content sharing solutions to them.

Don’t jump between too many things

You all have heard about this— a jack of all is a master of none. It applies to content creation also. Don’t try to make everything, pick a niche and create top-notch valuable content around it.

Also, instead of cross-posting on multiple platforms, try and dominate one platform first and then all the audience will spill over to others eventually.

Make evergreen content

Every new creator tries to make content around trending topics because contemporary topics bring more visibility. But they are only for a very short period of time and you need to make evergreen content that will be consumed for a longer time.

Audio is primary, and video is secondary

People can tolerate bad video quality if the audio is fine, but the opposite rarely works. This is because sounds evoke emotions which visuals can’t do alone. So first focus on getting audio quality better and then think of video and other things.

Improve your content presentation

If your content is helpful then people will surely watch. And if your content is well-presented then they will engage more with lots of likes, comments and shares.

Do invest time in video editing, motion graphics, thumbnail designing, creative writing and making your content visually appealing to people.

Establish a clear value system

Creators will come and go, but what sets you apart is your value system. It is very important to not forget your values, no matter how much money is on the table.

If you decide not to promote betting or binary trading apps, then never compromise with your ethics no matter how much money is being offered to you.

Honest work will bring you the network

Events and conferences are a great way to make connections and expand your network. But your primary focus should be your work, and not attending as many events as you can. If you will create valuable content then your content will also bring you the network.

I never gave networking events a priority and believed in the power of my content to bring the world to me, and it did,” said Jay Kapoor.

Go all in once you’re sure

With great power comes great responsibility, and with millions of followers on social media comes the responsibility of keeping your audience engaged.

You can definitely make a living making content part-time along with your regular job or pursuing studies. So before becoming a full-time content creator, be assured of your content and its sustainability.

Analyse periodically to stay in the game

Data analytics is an essential skill these days because you should be aware of what works and what does not. You should periodically analyse your content so that you can understand your audience better and deliver them the best content in your niche.

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