YouTube Creators Can Now Pause New Comments on their Videos

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YouTube Pause Comments Setting

YouTube is experimenting with a new comment moderation setting called ‘Pause’ that allows creators to prevent the creation of new comments on a video while preserving comments that have already been published.

Pause Comments‘ is a very new and very small experiment on YouTube that gives creators a new ‘pause’ setting for comments, in addition to the usual ‘on’ and ‘off’.

Prior to the experiment, creators looking to prevent new comments from being posted on their content only had two options; to hold the comments for review before publishing them or to disable comments from their Channel entirely.

Now, creators can pause new comments while preserving the already published comments in a video without disabling all the comments. This feature is being experimented with a small number of channels and soon it will be rolled out for everyone.

If you’re in the experiment, you’ll see the option to select ‘pause’ in your video-level comment settings in addition to ‘On’ and ‘Off’ while editing video settings in the YouTube app or in the YouTube Studio.

This can be a good feature for many creators who do not want to allow new comments in their videos to prevent criticism, cyber-bullying, hate and abusive comments while keeping the already published ones.

Listen to the official announcement about the ‘Pause Comments’ experiment on the ‘Creator Insider’ YouTube channel.

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