Entrepreneur-turned-YouTuber Soamjena Says 99% of Indian YouTubers Content is Cringe

Hemant Kumar

YouTuber Soamjena

Soumendra Jena, famously known as SOAMJENA on YouTube, called the content of most Indian YouTubers ‘cringe’ in a reply to a comment on one of his recent videos.

Founder and CEO at QubeSys, he is a serial entrepreneur based out of Dubai, UAE. He started his YouTube channel ‘SOAMJENA’ in 2017 where he uploads videos about his lifestyle, filmmaking, travel, and superbikes/cars with a healthy dose of technology and stock trading.

Currently, Soam is uploading travel vlogs of Switzerland and people love his vlogs because of his cinematic filmmaking, drone shots, and his wholesome talks.

In this travel series, Soam uploaded a video titled ‘DRIVING TO WORLD’s BEST MOUNTAIN PASSES’ on 14 August 2023. In this video, a viewer commented about the shitty content majority of vloggers upload on their channels.

My family is loving your travel vlogs and moreover they were confused about your nationality. I said he is Indian. Then they replied here in India vlogs is all about shitty content (majority) just showing their house and daily useless stuffs but your content is always about learning and exploring.” commented a viewer with the username @akashchandra9687, and in reply to this comment, Soam too pointed out the ‘cringe’ nature of videos.

99% of Indian YouTubers’ content is cringe! People don’t have good taste,” he replied. Soam also shared the screenshot of this comment on his Instagram story saying it’s the sad truth of Indian YouTube scenes.

Soamjena Comment Indian YouTubers Content Cringe
Screenshot of the comment shared by SOAMJENA on Instagram

Soamjena hails from Odisha, and his entrepreneurship journey began back in 2008 in Bhuvaneshwar when he started an IT Company, QubeSys providing services like web design, web development, SEO and eCommerce solutions. Recently, he shifted to Dubai and now QubeSys provides its web design and development services in Dubai also.

In addition to QubeSys, Soam has started other ventures also like Photozone, SBK Store, JetSpot, JetCloud and MyStock. He also started an Odia vlog channel in 2020, and now apart from managing these businesses, Soam makes videos on YouTube sharing his lifestyle and travel vlogs.

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