UIC Vlogs’ Prasad Vedpathak Compares Lifestyle Vlogging with Prostitution

Mahi Kumari

UIC Vlogs Prasad Vedpathak on Lifestyle Vlogging

Prasad Vedpathak, a former YouTuber popular for his channels Ur Indian Consumer and UIC Vlogs, has compared lifestyle vlogging with prostitution. He recently shared a post on his Instagram profile confessing why he left vlogging and YouTube.

One of the pioneers of vlogging in India, Vedpathak said, “Prostitution is selling your body. Lifestyle vlogging is selling your mind, privacy, personal space, dignity, mental health, family, friends, relations, families mental health, families personal space and your body.

No Lifestyle/Family Vlogger will tell you this until he/she makes enough money,” he added in the captions, also indicating the reason why he left vlogging in spite of getting lakhs of subscribers and views on his YouTube channel.

Prasad Vedpathak started his channel ‘Ur IndianConsumer‘ around the year 2014 where he used to review tech gadgets, consumer electronics, and other online products. As the channel name suggests, it was centred around Indian consumers helping them to make better purchase decisions.

In December 2015, when his channel had around 9000 subscribers, he began a series named ‘Weekly Tuesday Vlogs‘ where he used to record some bytes of his personal life and share them with the viewers.

After making around 70 vlogs on his main channel, Prasad started a new channel named ‘UIC Vlogs‘ in April 2017 and then the journey of his lifestyle vlogging began in full scale. He soon achieved success in vlogging because of his wholesome vlogs showing his personal life, family, friends and everything he did in his professional life.

Despite getting lakhs of subscribers (currently over 2 Million subscribers on both channels combined) and views, Prasad left vlogging and YouTube in general, in the year 2020. In his 6 years of content creation journey, he has influenced lakhs of people to believe in their dreams and work hard to chase them.

Prasad Vedpathak is regarded as one of the most authoritative YouTube creators in India who has managed to make a very strong community which he calls his ‘UIC family‘.

He started his YouTube journey to help consumers, then began lifestyle vlogging and after realising how content creation is affecting his life, he left YouTube.

YouTube has certainly made him a millionaire, and even today he makes a good amount of money from content creation. He has quit YouTube, but after some time of quitting, he along with his wife, Deepika Vedpathak started an Instagram page named ‘Prasika‘ where they make food-related short videos in Marathi.

The content they create now is not personal and in some way, it’s designed for the business of social media. Prasad has realised the negative sides of vlogging and showing his personal life and family, and now he just creates content that’s meant for social media-game and does not share everything he feels or experiences in his life.

I probably realised it back in 2018 itself but back then getting out of it was very difficult. It took a lot of time for me to get out of it both emotionally and financially as our entire business was based on audience reactions,” Prasad said while replying to a comment on his Instagram post.

In another reply, he said, “For me, vlogging was very personal. I used to broadcast my most vulnerable side to my audiences. Even a prostitute does not do that but I did and I had to pay for it. I just hope my loved ones don’t make that mistake.

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