Josh Talks Hits 10 Million Subscribers on its Hindi YouTube Channel

Hemant Kumar

Josh Talks Hindi YouTube Channel Hits 10 Million Subscribers

Josh Talks, India’s leading media platform sharing inspiring stories of people from all walks of life, has crossed over 10 Million subscribers on its Hindi YouTube channel with over a billion views.

Founded in 2015 by Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga, the journey of Josh Talks began with offline conferences and then they pivoted to sharing talk videos on YouTube. From just one English YouTube channel in 2017, it is now available on nine vernacular languages with a cumulative subscriber base of more than 20 million subscribers.

Its Hindi channel is the most performing channel in terms of views it gets and the kind of reach it provides to Josh Talks all over the country. With over a thousand of inspiring stories published online, it completed the milestone of 10 million subscribers after seven years.

Supriya Paul, co-founder and CEO of Josh Talks, shared a post on Instagram saying, “When we started Jos Talks, the goal was to create role models for the youth and inspire an entire generation to get up and do more. For years at a stretch, we’ve been laying brick by brick without distractions and to see it compound with our first channel Josh Talks Hindi hitting 10 Million subscribers is an unreal feeling.

There are movies now on speakers at Josh, books that have been published and curriculum in schools and colleges that has now been amended. A simple story on a stage can have that effect. Today’s story of this moment will inspire the next Supriya to chase her entrepreneurial dream,” she added.

With this achievement, Josh Talks has become one of the 60 channels in India to reach 10 million subscribers. Also, its English channel has over 4 million subscribers along with three regional channels with over a million subscribers.

In addition to sharing inspiring talk videos, Josh Talks has now expanded into upskilling, UPSC counselling, training workshops, branded talks, creator partnerships and various other segments. Now it has become a household name when it comes to motivation and inspiration.

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