Inspiring Story of The Honest Home Company Founder Mayank Sisodia

Mahi Kumari

The Honest Home Company Founder Mayank Sisodia Success Story

Meet Mayank Pratap Sisodia, founder and CEO of The Honest Home Company which makes plastic-free cleaning and paper products for everyday use.

We all know how much plastic is used in the packaging of products that we purchase. And every time we purchase something new, we bring plastic to our homes.

According to a report, India generates around 25,940 metric tons of plastic waste daily, and only 60% of that is recycled. The remaining 9,400 metric tons end up in landfills, oceans, or pollute streams and groundwater.

Mayank, in the hope of reducing plastic from packaging, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2019 and today The Honest Home Company offers sustainable products in categories like personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene, food wrapping and household cleaning.

Started with an initial investment of ₹2.25 Crore, the Delhi-based sustainable packaging startup is now doing an annual revenue of around  ₹14 crore. It has also recently received funding from CarDekho’s Amit Jain on season 3 of Shark Tank India.

Startup Story of The Honest Home Company

Mayank Sisodia hails from Dhampur in Uttar Pradesh where his family is engaged in farming. He graduated from Punjab University in Computer Science and then pursued an MBA from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow.

He then got a job at Parle Products as a Sales Officer where he got his hands with sales for the first time. Then he worked at Hindustan Unilever for around 7 years and then joined an Ayurveda startup.

As a regional sales manager, he helped the startup set up a distribution network channel in North India establishing the business from scratch.

While working at the Ayurveda company, Mayank thought that the products were good but still, the packaging was done in an unsustainable way.

His simple idea to replace plastic packaging with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions has now become a company of crores in worth.

The product lineup of The Honest Home Company at the beginning was very few like food wrapping paper, aluminium foil, kitchen towels, and facial tissue. 

Today, the portfolio has grown manifold including some innovative solutions like powder-to-liquid dishwash and floor cleaner.

The Honest Home Company recently got featured in the startup reality TV show, Shark Tank India season 3 where it bagged a funding of 1 Crore Rupees from the founder of CarDekho, Amit Jain.

Speaking about his journey in the Shark Tank India episode, Mayank said, “I have not done any degree from any premier institute. But one thing that I know is that customer wants honesty and this is the foundation of my business.

The journey of Mayank Sisodia of starting his venture and working with a mission around climate change is truly commendable, both in terms of business as well as the idea of giving back as much to the earth as it gives us.

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