Left Home At Age 15, Today Her Jewellery Startup Is Worth Crores

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Inspiring Story of Chinu Kala Founder of Rubans Accessories

Meet Chinu Kala, founder of a jewellery startup named Rubans Accessories who left her home at the age of 15, and today her company makes crores by selling jewellery sets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and other jewels.

We know many such people who are successful in their lives. But no one knows the struggle behind this success. That is why, today we have brought the story of Chinu Kala.

Chinu is a successful businesswoman now with a lot of publicity for her company. But, Chinu Kala had to struggle a lot to reach where she is today right from her childhood.

At the age of just 15 years, she left her home with only 300 Rupees having no idea how would be the life after going out. She even spent a few days on the platform of Mumbai station wondering how long her 300 Rupees would sustain her.

While she was crying on the platform, an unknown woman came to Chinu and asked her the reason for crying. As soon as Chinu told her entire story to that woman, she told Chinu about a door-to-door sales job.

The next day, Chinu went to sell some kitchen items but she was unable to sell even a single product on the first day. She thought it would be very easy and she did not know how many challenges she would face in this work.

But on the other day, she decided that she would not let the doors close on her face and would sell the products anyhow. And she sold a few products like knives on that day and that was the biggest achievement of her life at that time.

From this experience, Chinu learned that no work is ever small or big and she would do anything to earn a living. After this, she did different kinds of work including the job of a waiter, receptionist, and tele-caller.

Startup Story of Rubans Accessories

Chinu learned a lot from all these jobs of working as a waiter, receptionist and tele-caller which still helps in her business. Her work was very good from the beginning and because of her dedication, she got a job in a clothing store.

Working at the clothing store, Chinu learned more about sales and how to deal with customers. Very soon, she was in a stage where she considered herself successful in small things. This includes eating three meals a day, buying clothes and shoes for oneself, or shifting to a PG. After these things, Chinu’s life started improving a little.

After a few years, Chinu got married, and in 2007 she won the Gladrags Mrs. India Pageant. This was the first step towards success in Chinu’s life. Then she started realizing how a small piece of jewellery enhances the beauty of women.

After this, Chinu started researching the jewellery business and thought of launching her own jewellery. That’s how her jewelry startup Rubans Accessories got established.

Rubans Accessories started in a 6-square-foot room in Infinix Mall, Bengaluru with an initial investment of 3 lakh Rupees. After some time, Chinu thought to open her showroom in the biggest mall in Bangalore, which was Forum Mall.

Then something amazing thing happened, there was a sale of Rs 1.5 lakh from Forum Mall’s store on the very first day. Gradually, Rubans Accessories expanded into more stores and also started an online store.

Today, Rubans Accessories has a turnover of crores, and Chinu Kala is a successful entrepreneur. From her story, we learn that no matter what the circumstances are in life, we should not give up.

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