CA Rachana Ranade Success Story, India’s Top Finance Content Creator

Ritika Deshpande

CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

Get to know Rachana Ranade and her journey from being a classically trained singer to a Chartered Accountant!

The number of emotions that surge right after hearing the words “economics, finance, stock market” is countless. These terms are often looked at with puzzled eyes and consistently carry a negative connotation among the general population.

Rachana, with her educational videos, attempts to change the way the world views these terms, and with her videos, aims at replacing this confusion with a profusion of educational content. Rachana is an entrepreneur and avid educator with more than 10 years of experience in teaching finance and the stock market. 

With a total of more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube [CA Rachana Phadke Ranade], she offers educational content in the form of free YouTube videos as well as paid but pocket-friendly stock market courses. She’s conducted more than 100 sessions on investment awareness and isn’t planning on stopping, ever. We love to see women dominating the financial world for once.

Covering internationally relevant topics like the German recession and the US debt crisis, and making videos about properly managing personal finances and other similar issues, Rachana highly deserves praise for creating top-notch content, and that too, for free. This Pune-based educator has a B.Com degree in Statistics from BMCC, Pune, and a Master’s degree in Business Studies from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

And now for the part you might be most curious about, what life event could possibly make her go from being a classically trained singer to an entrepreneur who teaches finance?

From a classical singer to a CA

Avoid intertwining your personal life with your professional life” is what life gurus tell us. Well, you see, generalised advice doesn’t work for everyone.

Rachna is a professional singer and has a Sangeet Visharad degree, which is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Music!

Interestingly, she decided to study commerce to better commit to singing but little did she know. This was when her boyfriend [who is now her husband] asked her to join CA classes alongside him so that the long distance wouldn’t hamper their relationship. She agreed to do so and bit by bit, as she fell for her boyfriend, she fell in love with finance.

And before you know it, she cleared her CA Foundation and Inter in an instant. She ended up clearing her CA finals in January 2009, and the rest is absolute history. 

However, if you’re wondering if she let her musical talent go down the drain, she didn’t! She has uploaded multiple singing covers on her YouTube channel which we can’t get enough of.

Rachana Ranade and Associates

For someone who wishes to delve deeper into the financial ocean, she also offers multiple paid courses suitable for more serious learners. Her website also offers a baseline quiz to evaluate your knowledge before you get started with the courses.

She is the founder of Rachana Ranade and Associates with which she intends to create financial awareness by simplifying the stock market and other crucial financial concepts.

She offers a variety of courses ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced and complex courses such as the art of value investing and concepts like futures and options, etc. 

Women in financial decision-making

While talking about power dynamics and how they’ve continued to affect women when it comes to financial decision-making, she says that somehow, we’re all indoctrinated into thinking that men should be the decision-makers at the end of the day. While these dynamics have constantly been changing, women still tend to rely on their husbands for financial assistance.

Rachana firmly believes that women should and must stand up and take part in financial decision-making at a household level and aims at altering the power dynamics concerning gender and defying the norms that’ve been deeply rooted in patriarchy. She strongly believes in women taking over important economic decisions and wishes more women could be confident enough to dominate this space.

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