Who is Lord Puneet Superstar and Why Are His Memes Popular?

Ritika Deshpande

Inspiring Story of Puneet Superstar Becoming Social Media Sensation

Puneet Superstar is a popular video creator, famous for his wacky and funny short videos who also participated in the reality TV show Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 making him a viral sensation on the Internet.

Imagine a life where your wacky behaviour earns you money. Let me rephrase— a life where you just have to upload videos of you being your quirky self to earn yourself a fantastic living. This is exactly what Puneet Superstar is doing, and let’s see how he does it with such ease.

Most of us might know him as the one who got kicked out of a reality TV show in less than 24 hours for his quirky behaviour, and some of us mindless scrollers know him as that bizarre but spontaneous and brutally honest content creator on both YouTube and Instagram. What made him rise to fame, you ask? 

The Beginning of the Journey

Born and brought up in Ghaziabad, Prakash Kumar also known as Puneet Superstar attended D.A.V. Public School, Ghaziabad. He worked several jobs during the course of his life, like being a battery worker just to sustain himself.

Being in his 40s, he was hopping from one unavailing job to another without any purpose and his life seemed overwhelmingly mundane. His life was taking its painfully sweet time to merely walk, whereas other people had their lives racing away.

He admits even battling with depression during a rather long phase of his life. But little did he know, there was this brightest ray of hope and light waiting at the end of the tunnel, named TikTok. Hence, in 2016, he left his job in hopes of starting fresh.

Content Creation Journey

Before the indefinite ban on TikTok in India, Puneet started posting videos of him lip-syncing to various audios in 2016. In a world where social media’s algorithm can instantly pick up and push your videos to millions of views in a heartbeat, it took him 10,000 videos to finally make one lip-sync video gain 1,000 views. 

Since then, with the intention of doing something extraordinary in order to gain traction and stand out from millions of similar TikToks, he started experimenting with his content in 2020.

He started uploading unconventional and weirdly amusing TikToks which included him screaming at the camera while smashing random objects on the floor, acting like a baby, etc.

People seemed to be enjoying his idiosyncracies a little too much, leading to the popularization of his content in a month or so and it is truly fascinating how social media has this inexplicable ability to turn a regular person with a phone in their hand into a superstar in no time.

Unfortunately, TikTok was banned in 2020, which sadly took the platform away from him. But he immediately switched over to Instagram reels, where he instantly took over.

Becoming Lord Puneet Superstar

There’s no doubt that his videos seem to be quirky at first glance, but many people don’t know the kind and humane side of Puneet Superstar.

Whatever he earns from his content creation, he tries to feed the homeless and needy people out on the streets. That’s why, his fans lovingly call him ‘Lord Puneet‘ and his kindness is what makes him unique from other creators.

Due to his social media fame, Puneet even appeared on the dramatic reality TV show Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 where he was evicted in less than 24 hours because of his behaviour. This was the time when he became an Internet sensation garnering a lot of love from his viewers.

Thanks to the increased attention he received, he continued to attract more fans, and people began to love him more and more. Now, he has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

What separated him from other similar content creators? We can totally assume that the rawness in his words and the positivity they spread attracted a lot of people to his content.

They also recognized the brutal honesty delivered in a comedic light regarding the unfair functioning of the world and related to it, and it was almost as if he took the words right out of their mouths. His videos served the purpose of true relatability.

A man, having lost all hope and with nothing to lose, began his content creation journey and proved to us that it’s possible to turn your entire life around by taking matters into your own hands.

Puneet Superstar has managed to channel his eccentricities and years of experience in dealing with people into a lucrative source of income and popularity. Today, he’s adored by people all over India for just being the way he is, raw and unfiltered.

Puneet Superstar Memes

Most of the viral videos of Puneet Superstar seem to be too quirky and sometimes relatable to what others want to say, but couldn’t say themselves. So they use his videos as meme clips in their videos to convey their message through Puneet’s behaviour and dialogues.

The reason why his memes are so popular is because no other creator is making videos like Puneet, and so people don’t have a choice if they want to say something in his style. Here are some of his most popular memes that you can also use on your own videos.

Achchha, Thik Hai, Samajh Gaya! Puneet Superstar Meme

Achcha! Puneet Superstar Laughing Meme

Usse Mera Kya Fayda? Lord Puneet Meme

Puneet Superstar Laughing Meme Holding a Cup of Tea

Are Sasur ji Agar Tum Mujhe Pahle Hi Bata Dete? Lord Puneet Meme

Puneet Superstar Laughing Meme Compilation Video

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