From Bhupendra Jogi to Moye Moye, These Are the Most Googled Memes of 2023 in India

Hemant Kumar

Trending Memes in India

The world’s #1 search engine Google released its ‘Year in Search 2023‘ report, a roundup of top trending searches of the year; and for the very first time, it has also listed the top 10 most Googled memes of the year in India.

Along with the global trending queries, Year in Search 2023 also shows the trending searches of different countries in different categories like news events, what is, how to, near me, sports events, movies, shows, memes, people, and others.

The Indian version of Google’s Year in Search also includes trending searches in different categories along with the list of most searched memes for the first time. This year, people expressed themselves with a range of entertaining memes, be it the humorous ‘Bhupendra Jogi’ meme or the Serbian-song-inspired ‘Moye Moye’ meme that saw people finding humour in difficult situations.

Here are the Top 10 Trending Memes of 2023 in India as per Google’s Year in Search.

  1. Bhupendra Jogi meme
  2. So Beautiful So Elegant meme
  3. Moye Moye meme
  4. Aayein meme
  5. Aukat Dikha Di meme
  6. Ohio meme
  7. The Boys meme
  8. Elvish Bhai meme
  9. The Waffle House New Host meme
  10. Smurf Cat meme

Memes have now become a new type of entertaining content that people share on social media every day. These are some video clips, photos, dialogues or just texts of some popular movies, shows and YouTube videos that people reshare to convey the same kind of emotions as the original content carries.

With the surge of social media usage in India, people are now getting to know different kinds of content floating on the Internet and now memes are also being shared by more people. This year saw a sudden rise in the popularity of memes, and that’s why Google included the top trending searches in its year-end roundup.

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