These 20 AI-first Startups from India get into Google for Startups Accelerator Program

Hemant Kumar

Google for India selects 20 AI Startups for its Accelerator Program

Google for Startups, a program launched in 2011 by the tech giant Google to help startups around the world, announced the eighth cohort of its Accelerator program in India featuring 20 AI-first startups who are selected from over 700 applications across the country.

With an approach to tackle challenges using Artificial Intelligence (AI), these startups in the Seed to Series A stage represent cutting-edge innovations focusing on building solutions that use AI to address systematic challenges.

These are the 20 startups selected for the eighth class of the Google for Startups Accelerator: India program.

Beatoven.aiAI-powered royalty-free background music creation platform for content creators
DhiWiseDevTool to convert designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps
EndimensionAI platform for radiology diagnosis
FilterPixelPhoto culling AI software to edit the best photos from thousands of photos automatically
GalaxEye SpaceBuilding the world’s first multi-sensor imaging satellite for earth observation purposes 
Gan.aiVideo personalisation platform from a single recording
GoodmeetingsAI-based video meeting review tool for effective remote team performance management
ImmunitoAIIn-silico antibody discovery company using AI to give the fastest and most accurate solutions
KalamAn adaptive learning platform helping UPSC students in their exam preparation
KeployOpen-source API testing and data mock generation toolkit
MugafiStory creation platform that uses an AI copilot to create captivating novels and scripts
NeuroPixel.AIAI platform making synthetic models for fashion catalogue shoots
Onward AssistA cancer analytics platform that assists pathologists in better cancer diagnosis using AI
Pepper ContentContent marketing platform that helps companies scale content marketing through expert talent and Generative AI
PrescintoDigital intelligence platform for clean energy
Presentations.AIAI-powered presentation maker
SpoofSense.aiFace liveness detection tool for identity fraud mitigation
Wright ResearchInvestment advisory planning tool
ZocketGen-AI platform to create stunning social media ads
ZuAIAI-powered self-study booster for students

All these startups will get in-person training and mentorship support around product, design, tech, growth and people from industry leaders and Google experts as planned by Google for Startups Accelerator India.

Since 2016, Google’s accelerator programs have played a significant role in supporting leading startups in India to grow and address global challenges such as climate change, financial inclusion, economic development, equitable healthcare and more.

Google even released its first Accelerator Impact Report last month claiming that its Accelerator alumni boast a 96% survival rate in an environment where over 80% of startups fail. According to the report, around 20 alumni have gone on to become unicorn startups and one is even a decacorn.

With the announcement of its latest cohort for its Accelerator program in India, Google said in its blog post, “In India, we are committed to fostering an environment that nurtures innovative startups and fuels the rapidly evolving AI landscape of the Indian startup ecosystem. Our goal is to enable the development and scaling of responsible and human-centered AI solutions that positively impact various industries and transform lives.

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