How Eela Dubey is Making Higher Education Planning Easier for Indian Parents?

Ritika Deshpande

Eela Dubey EduFund Startup Story

Eela Dubey is the co-founder of EduFund, India’s first education-focused investment platform that helps parents save up big time on their kid’s higher education. With EduFund, planning for college has never been easier.

Founded in February 2020 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, EduFund is helping thousands of parents invest their money for the sake of their children. For as long as you’re planning to study, you are certainly going to need to invest money. So why not make it simpler with EduFund?

As a collective whole, we all believe that we’re creating a product that’s going to address a genuine need and create a genuine benefit for students and their future,” says Eela.

The Startup Idea behind EduFund

Having been brought up in the US, Eela graduated from New York University with a BA degree in Political Science and French. Consequently, she is familiar with the financial pressure that is put on you and your family every single time you even think of applying to a university.

While talking about her college application experience she says, “I financed it through a bunch of different means. I got a scholarship to the university, and my parents helped me out. I took loans. So I know how hard those are to repay.

She adds, “When I received my tuition bill, my parents were really shocked to see that the cost of education from the time that they had gone to university had escalated so much.” As a result, they hadn’t prepared for this giant financial strain and were unable to pay off her fees.

Luckily, she was bright enough to receive a scholarship and also took loans, making it all work out in the end. Later, she went on to pursue her master’s degree at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, but had to drop out; again, due to financial pressure.

Eela came to India in 2015 and started working in Finance along with her partner Aridam Sengupta. This is when they realised that a lot of families did not have a good grasp of wealth management and investing. 

Her experience in finance clubbed together with the excessive financial stress that she and her family experienced is part of the reason why she’s so incredibly determined to make the world of money management a whole lot easier for people around her.

She has a goal of revolutionising the way Indians go about their savings and bringing quality education to the table.

Today, millions of Indians seek to get out of their home country as soon as possible to pursue their higher education in a foreign land. This inevitably puts a lot of financial stress on their parents. EduFund is here to take most of it away.

Edufund has India’s first college cost calculator that accurately reveals how much finances you would need for college. It also offers educational loans, investment plans, and so much more. EduFund fundamentally ensures that money would never be a hindrance to your child’s future.

Growth of EduFund

When EduFund turned 2 years old in Feb 2022, Eela expressed her endless gratitude towards its beautiful journey and said the following— “When I look back at the last 24 months of this insanely beautiful journey, I have a heart filled with gratitude, gratitude for the experiences and the growth I’ve had in my journey, gratitude for creating a product that our users actually feel is addressing a personal need for their families and for their children.

Her Passion for Yoga

Besides EduFund, she loves to keep fit and is a certified yoga instructor. In 2015 she studied at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute under the guidance of her grandfather, Sri O.P. Tiwari, an Indian yoga guru.

After that, she spent a lot of her time travelling the world assisting his yoga workshops on the subject of Pranayama and the traditions of Hatha yoga. 

Ups and Downs in Entrepreneurship

No human in the world can say that being demotivated isn’t part of their lives. No one’s life is a bed full of roses.

There have been so many moments where, you know, you get tired,” she says, and that it’s okay to have low moments.

Don’t stop, keep pushing, and keep following that dream and vision, you don’t ever want to live in regret or ‘I wish I had done this’,” says Eela Dubey.

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