Yogesh Editography QR Code Presets for Snapseed Photo Editing

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Yogesh Editography Snapseed QR Code Presets

Yogesh Editography is a popular photo editing YouTube channel that shares some amazing Snapseed QR Code presets and Lightroom presets for cinematic image enhancement and pro-level photo editing.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cinematic photo editing has become very easy now. Earlier, you had to manually adjust an image’s parameters like its brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance to edit it professionally.

Nowadays, there are a lot of AI image-editing apps that you can use to edit your photos in just a few clicks. And the best part is that the way your images will look after editing with AI can hardly be achieved manually.

Snapseed is one such image enhancement and photo editing application owned by Google which offers both the manual raw image editing tools and also an effortless way to edit photos by applying presets just by scanning a Quick Response (QR) Code.

The presets contain adjustments to different parameters of an image, and all the adjustments and effects get applied to your photo instantly when you scan the Snapseed QR Code presets.

Yogesh Editography has shared a lot of Snapseed photo editing presets to download as QR Codes that you can scan from the Snapseed app and all the pre-loaded filters, effects and adjustments will be applied to your photo in just a few seconds.

Here, you can find some of the best Snapseed QR Code presets of Yogesh Editography that can be downloaded for free and you can easily use them to edit your photos. Before getting to the preset collection, let’s discuss the process of cinematic photo editing with Snapseed QR codes.

How to Use Snapseed QR Code for Cinematic Image Editing?

Snapssed Photo Editing through QR Code Preset
  1. To edit photos with a Snapseed QR Code preset, first open the photo you want to edit into the Snapseed app on your smartphone.
  2. In the upper right corner, tap on the option of Edit Stack whose icon has an arrow sign at its top.
  3. Then click on the QR look option that will show just after tapping on the Edit Stack icon.
  4. Now click on the Scan QR look option and then scan the Snapseed QR Code preset to apply the effects and filters contained in that preset.

The moment you scan the preset’s QR Code, your photo will instantly get edited with the adjustments included in the scanned Snapseed QR Code preset.

This way, you can very easily edit your photos with cinematic effects and post them on social media to attract more likes and engagement. Snapseed app has changed the way people now use its presets for cinematic photo editing and image enhancement.

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