Inspiring Dialogues from TVF Pitchers

Pitchers is a popular web series created by TVF showcasing the story of young entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs to start a startup.

Entrepreneur banne ke liye spelling nahi, spirit chahiye.

Your work  is the only thing here after you are gone.

Nahi try karenge toh definitely successful nahi honge.

I am a zero  in the team, but inke peeche lag jaata hun toh  net value 10 times ho jaati hai.

Investor ko paisa daalna hai par sirf jeetne wale ghode ke upar.

India ke har chaurahe par problems hai, aur ham unhe solve karna jaante hain.

Either we go down or change the company’s direction.

Jaha Struggle Nahi, Waha Pragati Nahi.

Zero contribution seh sakte hain but negative kaise tolerate karen?

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