Top 10  Failed Startups from


A portable device working with a smartphone app that measures blood alcohol levels (a portable Breathalyzer).


“The Netflix for toys”,  a subscription service allowing you to rent different toys every month.

ShowNo Towels

A towel shaped like a poncho (with an opening in the middle of the towel for the head).

Sweet Ballz

Maker of cake balls retailing at convenience stores.

Body Jac

A fitness machine designed to make push-ups easier for out-of-shape people.


A privacy app that hides calls and messages from selected contacts (i.e. a messaging app for cheating).

You Smell Soap

A luxury soap brand available in fragrances like Lemon Verbena and Lavender Mint.


Fast-and-easy fire hose connectors for hose-to-fire hydrant connections.

Foot Fairy

An iPad app for measuring childrens’ foot sizes


A kitchen utensil for spraying butter.

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