Inspiring  life story of palki sharma Upadhyay

Palki Sharma Upadhyay is a famous journalist of India, currently working at Firstpost, owned by Network18 Media.

Palki Sharma is  well-known for being the face of WION (World Is One News) channel.

She began her career with media outlets in her home town of Jaipur.

Then moved on to Doordarshan in the early 2000s.

After a stint at Hindustan Times she moved on to  the erstwhile  CNN-IBN in 2005.

In 2017, Palki joined World Is One News (WION), a channel started by the  Zee network in 2016 exclusively for foreign affairs coverage.

She hosted the primetime show 'GRAVITAS' which soon became the #1 show on global news in India.

Today,  the ‘Palki style’ of news presentation is a hit not just in India, but globally.

Palki’s success lies in the unique blend of facts and opinion, which is increasingly becoming the norm.

In her shows, earlier at WION’s Gravitas and now Firstpost’s Vantage, she has questioned the world order and India’s place in it.

She has challenged the hegemony of the West in international trade and business,

and has even taken on the Western media and their criticism of India.

Palki's shows are  well-timed with the aspirational India and Vishwaguru moment.

Why Palki Sharma left WION?