Total Gaming Reveals His Face After 5 Years! Here Are the Advantages of Showing Face on YouTube

Hemant Kumar

Total Gaming Ajjubhai Real Name Ajendra Variya

In the world of YouTube gaming in India, Ajjubhai, known for his channel Total Gaming, is one of the most popular gamers boasting a staggering 37 Million subscribers without showing his face and revealing his real name.

He uploaded his first gaming video on 2nd December 2018 of playing the popular battle royale game, Free Fire. Since then, he has played many games while streaming them on YouTube with Hindi commentary.

Despite getting millions of views on his YouTube videos and becoming famous, he never shared his real name nor did he post any photo or video of him. People knew him only by his nickname Ajjubhai and now after five years, he revealed his face on his YouTube channel.

On 30 December 2023, Total Gaming premiered a video titled ‘AJJUBHAI FACE REVEAL’ where he showed himself for the first time on YouTube also revealing his name as Ajendra Variya. This video took on the Trending section of YouTube India amassing over 19 million views and over 380K comments in just two days.

Today marks a significant moment as I, Ajendra Variya, reveal my face in this video. I’m taking you on a journey through my gaming world. Your support has meant everything to me, and I couldn’t have come this far without you. Yes, I’m a bit nervous, but I know you’re with me. Thank you for being a part of this amazing ride,” said Ajjubhai in the description of his face-revealing video.

This is a great moment for Ajjubhai as he is now trying to transcend into another phase of his gaming journey with Total Gaming 2.0 where he might play games showing his face in the future.

His bold move to reveal his face after having gained over 37 million subscribers on YouTube also points to the importance of personal branding in the world of social media. No matter how popular your brand is, people always relate to and connect more with the face of a person.

Total Gaming has already become a brand in the gaming space, but very few people know the person behind it. Now, having shown himself on a video, people will recognise Ajjubhai with his face and he will have more connections because of his brand.

He could have easily sustained the reach of his YouTube channel without showing his face, but a channel related to a person provides more authenticity and also has a lot of advantages. Let’s now discuss its benefits!

Advantages of Showing Your Face on YouTube

The very first advantage of showing your face on YouTube is that people know you as a person and connect with you more deeply. You can definitely use a logo or digital avatar in your social media profiles, but people will always have more trust in a channel where a real person shows up in videos.

In addition to providing more authenticity, showing your face in your YouTube videos also makes you famous like a celebrity. Many people will recognise you and you will be appreciated a lot for your content.

Many brands even pay more to work with personal brands rather than some faceless channels, so showing your face also provides more money-making opportunities along with personal branding and fame.

It has a few disadvantages also, like decreased privacy, camera consciousness and pressure to deliver high-quality content. But, if you want to become famous and can compromise a little with your privacy, then the advantages of showing your face in your YouTube videos are a lot. Your personal branding will benefit you not only in terms of fame but also money and authenticity.

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