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The Fortune Academy

The education system in India is vast and diverse comprising various levels, from primary to higher education. Learning continues even after academics when you enter the corporate world. That’s why there is a boom in ed-tech startups providing online courses and upskilling people beyond schools.

The Fortune Academy, based in Ahmedabad, is one such platform that provides coaching from K-12 to corporate personalities. Established by a 26-year-old entrepreneur, Darshil Shah, it has transformed itself from a generalised coaching class in 2020 to an ed-tech platform providing courses from K-12 to C-Suite (a company’s top management positions).

Darshil’s fascination with teaching and education dates back to his early years, when he first came across the chance to teach himself in a closed room alone. He saw so many failures during the improvement of the skillset of teaching and depicting knowledge to others.

Failure to pass the competitive exam for Master’s and PhD entrance also awarded the scholarship for his B.E. degree for the GATE course. Eventually, he succeeded in completing his master’s in 4th rank in the University.

After having a successful tenure in a job and experience in business insights, he put his feet into education services and established the ed-tech startup to provide online learning courses.

The Fortune Academy was established in the year 2020 as a general coaching class by Darshil Shah in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After the successful response from students, this year in 2023 it was incorporated as an ed-tech firm with Nilesh K Shah and Khushbu Shah which provides various courses from basics to advanced with consideration of various needs of people of every region.

It is a one-stop solution that emphasises knowledge based on passion, creativity, booming mindset, self-virtue, and productivity which enlarges children to C-Suite personalities. It provides courses from Kindergarten to C-Suite training on a single platform and hybrid technology learning methods.

Recently, Darshil has also published several research papers in IEEE, USA, and UK governance bodies. He is actively working on upskilling people from the youngest learners to seasoned professionals.

Our mission is to inspire and empower learners across all stages of life by providing innovative, accessible, and personalized learning solutions. We are dedicated to creating a transformative learning experience that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity while nurturing the unique talents of each individual,” he says.

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