Success Story of MC SQUARE, the Winner of MTV Hustle 2.0 Rap Show

MC Square, who won the heart of millions with his rap songs ‘Badmos Chora’ and ‘Le Le Rom Rom’ has finally become the winner of MTV Hustle 2.0 rap/hip-hop show. You might have also listened to these on different reels and short videos on social media. Even Virat Kohli has now become a fan of MC SQUARE and his journey is really inspirational.

MC Square Biography

Abhishek Bainsla of Haryana began his rapping journey in 2016 with the stage name, MC SQUARE. Born in 1999 in Bhawana, Palwal in Haryana, he was first inspired by his hometown’s folk song ‘Ragini’ to write ghazals and poetry and later began rapping.

It has been just 6 years, and the kind of writing and rapping style MC Square has developed is really astonishing for the people. His performances on MTV Hustle 2.0 are the most loved ones, and people are listening to them in a loop.

After winning the rap show, MTV Hustle 2.0, he got emotional remembering his early life and the struggle through which he has gone. He used to tell his mother in childhood that he would become a star.

And the journey of becoming a star now seems to be somewhat completed with his final performance, 4 Din where he talked about the four different phases of life that made him what he’s today.

Abhishek Bainsla to MC Square Rapper

The story behind choosing the stage name, MC Square is really interesting for Abhishek Bainsla. He loves science since childhood, and there is an equation by the great scientist, Albert Einstein, E=MC2 which means energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

MC stands for Master of Ceremonies in the rapping world, referring to a rapper who is also associated with hosting the show. And, the Hip-hop game is like energy to Abhishek and that’s how he found his stage name, MC Square.

Listen to the viral performances of this talented rapper and poet if you haven’t yet felt his sensational lyrics.

The Most Viral Rap Song of MC Square, Rom Rom
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