India’s Most Iconic Chaiwala Who Built Million Dollar Business

MBA Chai Wala: From rags to riches, or should we say — from Master’s in Business Administration to Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala. Meet Prafull Billore!

Yes, you guessed it right. The MBA in his brand name, as one would normally expect, doesn’t really stand for the master’s degree. Fun fact: He actually dropped out of the MBA course that he was pursuing.

Prafull Billore is a passionate young businessman who started his career merely with a single tea stall and now owns more than 50 outlets across the whole country. Now he is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of over 30 million rupees.

Educational Background and Setbacks

Prafull was someone who always wanted to stand on his own feet. We can say that he was (pra)full of ambition from the very beginning of his career.

Prafull Billore was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 14 January 1996. He graduated with a B.Com degree in 2016 and was eager to pursue his master’s degree in business administration.

He then moved to Ahmedabad, Gujarat to secure admission to his dream university- IIM Ahmedabad, and started preparing for CAT (Common Admission Test) but sadly wasn’t able to pass any of his attempts. 

Journey of MBA Chaiwala

What lured him into starting his tea-selling business? Simply put, his passion for wanting to be a businessman drove him to open his own tea stall. After many days of devastation due to his failure, he decided to step up his game and started traveling more and connecting with like-minded people.

He also started reading self-help and motivational books to keep the fire inside him alive and burning. His dream of starting a business was strengthened by his setbacks, so he borrowed a mere amount of 8,000 rupees from his father to set up a tea stall right next to IIM Ahmedabad in 2017.

Funnily enough, he added too much sugar to the tea on the first day of his journey! Luckily he still managed to make a few bucks on his first day. 

He then borrowed another 50,000 rupees from his dad to pursue an MBA degree in a local college but dropped out after a tiny duration of just 7 days, as he realized that he learned more while handling a business rather than studying it.

MBA Tactics to Attract Customers

To make his stall much more interesting, he used to set up ludo games, organize fun cricket matches, and many such interesting things. This gave his customers a reason to visit his stall and established a unique selling point. 

He also used to sell tea in earthen pots to make his stall more enticing. On valentine’s day, he used to offer free tea to those who were single as an initiative to embrace self-love, which is pretty wholesome if you ask me. The entire vibe surrounding his stall was very warm and welcoming which made it stand out and in turn, attracted a lot of people.

Success Story of MBA Chaiwala

Pursuing an MBA degree to setting up a tea stall truly takes a lot of guts and determination and an “I don’t care about what people think of me” attitude.

Despite the number of taunts that he had to face from his family and other relatives, he still managed to overlook their unsolicited advice and truly showed us what it takes to actually make things happen.

He now has his own YouTube channel with 1.56 million subscribers. He also is a content creator, entrepreneur, angel investor, motivational speaker, and influencer. I mean, what does he not do? He delivers various talks at renowned and prestigious universities and was also invited to speak at the influential Harvard Business School.

Another interesting fact, he was also invited as a guest speaker at IIM Ahmedabad, the university that he failed to get into. He must’ve felt like he was on cloud nine.

MBA Chaiwala should truly be called the epitome of the saying “work with what you have”. His story is so inspiring that you immediately feel the urge to get up on your feet, go out, and do something productive and worthwhile in your own life.

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