Success Story of Gaurav Taneja becoming Flying Beast on YouTube

Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as Flying Beast, is a YouTube vlogger and fitness enthusiast from India. He is a YouTuber, handling three different channels named Flying Beast where he uploads vlogs, FitMuscleTV where he uploads all things fitness, and Rasbhari Ke Papa which is dedicated to live-streaming.

Furthermore, he is a pilot, an IITan, a bodybuilder, a certified personal trainer, and whatnot. That is truly the cherry on top of the cake. (Or multiple cherries, shall we say?)

Early life and career choices

Gaurav was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh into a middle-class family. He went to school in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. He then got into IIT Kharagpur and graduated in 2008 with a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering.

In fact, there was a time when he used to sleep for just 4 hours every night for a whole year. This was his insane level of dedication to his studies. 

Nonetheless, going to IIT was not the original plan. He’d always set his heart on being a pilot after 12th grade, but couldn’t as he wasn’t financially capable to do so.

After IIT got over, he realised that it wasn’t his final destination. His final destination was flying. So he finally went on to live the life of his dreams after convincing his dad. He then completed his aviation studies at North Texas Flight Academy and joined the airline Indigo as a Captain.

Fitness and bodybuilding

Gaurav Taneja was always into fitness. So much so that he secretly used to do bicep curls with buckets in the shower!

He once went to a bodybuilding competition as an audience, and saw a man that he knew, on stage. This started a fire in him and he made it a goal to be on stage a year from that day. And he did. And he won that competition. How incredibly inspiring is that?

Several times during his fitness journey, people used to come to him for fitness advice. He noticed that correct information about fitness was not accessible to everyone and this led him to upload fitness tips on Facebook.

He then realized that YouTube was a better platform to be sharing tips and hence this was the start of a fitness channel that is now called FitMuscleTV and has 2.1 Million subscribers. His channel provides informational content regarding lifting.

With the massive spread of misinformation about bodybuilding on the internet these days, his content is a breath of fresh air that the fitness industry is in need of. He also started uploading vlogs on his fitness channel.

Vlogging and the Birth of Flying Beast

Gaurav also started a vlogging channel in 2017, as his audience found his vlog-style videos appealing. He uploads vlogs about daily life and documents bits of his experiences and life stories on camera.

He has over 7.7 Million subscribers on his vlog channel named Flying Beast! We can watch a variety of vlogs ranging from his quotidian life to serious talks about his career and life. He also documents his personal life in a very entertaining way.

He is married to Ritu Rathee who is also a pilot and has two adorable daughters named Rashi and Pihu. He uploads heartwarming vlogs to his channel with them enjoying each other’s company and their shenanigans together. It feels nice to get to see some refreshing content in a world full of distress.

His struggle with self-doubt

Growing up, he was afraid of putting himself out there and really exploring all the wide possibilities that the world had to offer him, which led to the creation of self-doubt.

He also stated that we’re all afraid of showcasing our imperfections to the whole wide world. He was also very scared to talk to anyone. He always had this negative mindset where he thought that he couldn’t ever make it. But he eventually got out of his comfortable shell, pursued his passions, and made it happen.

Success Story of YouTuber Gaurav Taneja

You might ask yourself, “How in the world is he able to manage to do so much in the same 24 hours I have?” Well, the secret lies in his utmost passion.

I love doing what I do so much that everything revolves around my work,” says he, when asked about what drives him to work to his fullest potential. He also adds tea to the list of inducers that help him stay focused- I mean, who would say no to tea? 

He doesn’t see work as some tedious job that he ought to do. He sees it as something fulfilling and entertaining, as he thoroughly enjoys every bit of it. He is truly grateful to have the multiple jobs that he does. He says that the only way to manage time efficiently is to put your heart and soul into what you’re doing. 

Hence, we can infer that the reason behind his competence in all aspects of life is his immense passion. He is a family-oriented man and advises us to spend more time with our families as they are our everything. “It will make you so content to be able to spend quality time with your family,” he says.

Everything he’s done in life, he’s done with passion and commitment. He also asks us to do the same. “Do it now, take action, take risks.” In the future, you will thank yourself for what you do today. His biggest achievement is time management and the strong indestructible community he has built today.

We get to learn from him and his life experiences that it’s okay to go with the flow, it’s okay not to know yet, and it’s okay to follow your passion no matter where it leads you.

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