Ankur Warikoo Earns 2 Crore Rupees In A Month From YouTube And His Courses

Hemant Kumar

Ankur Warikoo Earning from YouTube and Business

Ankur Warikoo, a popular finance content creator and entrepreneur, has recently published a video on his YouTube channel revealing his revenue for the last year of around 24 Crore Rupees which averages to 2 Crore Rupees in a month.

He also shared the six income streams through which Warikoo’s company WebVeda makes money. Some of these are directly related to content creation and some use the distribution and influence he has built over the years to create a community of millions of people.

The very first earning source of any YouTuber is Google AdSense monetisation, but Warikoo has consciously turned off his channel’s monetisation to deliver quality content to his viewers without distracting them with advertisements. Yet, he has a negligible income of a few thousand rupees through this.

The other two sources of income directly linked to YouTube are brand collaboration and affiliate income. Warikoo makes a major chunk of his revenue from these two.

Ankur Warikoo is not just a content creator who makes videos to earn a living but he is an entrepreneur first and then a social media influencer.

Being the co-founder and CEO of before starting content creation, Warikoo always treated his YouTube channel and online presence as a medium to build a company on top of the distribution created through the number of followers on social media.

That’s why he’s more focused on creating online courses under his company WebVeda, and the courses are contributing to more than half of the revenue.

As he is famous now, many companies invite him to different events for speaking sessions and he charges some fees for his time and this has also become a great income source for him. In 2023, he made more than 2 Crore as speaking fees from different events.

In addition to making videos on YouTube and speaking on stage, Warikoo has now also become a distinguished author with his books ‘Do Epic Shit‘ and ‘Get Epic Shit Done‘ becoming bestsellers on Amazon. Now, book royalty has become another income stream for him.

Recently, he also launched his third book ‘Make Epic Money‘ and he has plans to release a new book every year. All these income streams generate crores of revenue for Ankur Warikoo which he started from content creation on YouTube.

Here’s a breakdown of his revenue from different income streams.

Earning SourceIncome
Google AdSense₹3,890
Affiliate Income₹56,11,519
Speaking Fees₹2,15,78,912
Book Royalty₹3,30,00,949
Brand Collaboration₹3,81,46,481

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