How Angad Daryani is using Deeptech to solve Air Pollution & Climate Change?

Meet Angad Daryani, the founder and CEO of Praan, Inc. who is creating hope for the environment by reversing climate change. Praan was founded in 2017 and builds low-cost, filterless outdoor air purification systems to make the world a finer and cleaner place to live in.

Angad is a deeptech engineer and a creator since birth. He can rightfully be called a child prodigy for the innumerable inventions he’s made throughout the years, since the mere age of 8. He founded Praan at Georgia Tech where Angad completed his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Praan is proud to manufacture over 95% of its products in India. MK One, manufactured by Praan, is one of the most advanced air purificators in the world.

The incredible team at Praan aims at “rebuilding the atmosphere by building technologies that remove particulate matter and greenhouse gases directly from the atmosphere,”.

In this day and age, the proliferation of technological advancements results in the deterioration of nature and natural resources, which in turn results in deteriorating environmental conditions almost being disregarded. However, seeing people work their heads off for a better planet really makes us want to believe in humankind again. The world truly needs more people like Angad. 

Childhood of the child prodigy

Angad was born in Mumbai and was brought up in a quieter part of the city. And at a young age, he used to look out his window to observe the peculiarities of nature and the environment as a whole and watched National Geographic and Discovery channels to partly fulfill his curiosities.

Ever since then, he’s been truly passionate about finding solutions for any problem that arose around him. He says, “My generation grew up with the promise of a bleak future where animals are extinct, the water’s polluted, icebergs are melting, climate change and deforestation is real, and the air’s polluted”.

This gave rise to a fervent need in him to bring about positive change. Which he did, through Praan. He channeled his frustration into creating something so influential and remarkable.

I strongly believe that a person’s upbringing and surroundings really influence their risk-taking abilities,” says he.

He’s always been an inventor. At the tender age of 8, he built a humanoid toy robot out of lego. He said that this was the best exposure he could get to technology at 8 and this was the beginning of his ceaseless journey of building things with sheer passion.

He was homeschooled till the 10th grade under Mr. Vinit Ajgaonkar. “I quit school in 9th grade because I was sick of the fact that my curiosity was being killed” he added saying that he was fed up with the education system destroying passion and solely sticking to superficial aspects such as grades. The idea of restricting oneself to just the school curriculum did not sit well with him.

His prodigious inventions

“I didn’t have a PlayStation but I always had the freedom to learn and build whatever I wanted”. While the regular 13-year-olds struggle to comprehend the complexities of the world, 13-year-old Angad was already out there building 3D printers and whatnot!

Angad was always fascinated by the workings of the world and was fueled by this very fascination to create endlessly. He built his first 3D printer when he was just 13 years old. He says, “That day I was so excited that I 3D printed a 3D printer on a 3D printer!

Along with being highly intellectual, he sure seems quite humorous. He then worked on and developed 4 different types of models for a 3D printer which eventually led him to launch his commercial desktop 3D printer by the age of 15 named SharkBot.

SharkBot aimed at being India’s cheapest 3D printer and he and his team had autonomously designed it with minimum external support. 

Additionally, he has participated in more than 10 tech competitions and created more than 23 highly valuable projects such as an EEG-based wheelchair for people with neurological disorders, a Mental Health Recovery tracking application, a wearable ECG monitoring belt, a Hand gesture-controlled robotic arm, and many more.

He along with four others made the world’s first E-reader called the ‘Virtual Brailler’ for the blind, a device that converts PDFs and other text files into braille texts and projects them onto the surface, thus elevating the text. This concept has the complete potential to transform the lives of millions of visually impaired people.

Success Story of Angad Daryani

Due to his invention aiming to solve air pollution and climate change, Angad’s contribution has been highly appreciated by numerous institutions and personalities.

He won the Youngest Innovator Award at the annual nationwide 3D printing Industry gathering in Mumbai and the Dean’s list awarded to students with high academic performance @ Georgia Tech (Fall 2017, Spring 2018).

Angad says, “I’ve built a lot of things and I intend to build a lot more,”. Currently, he is 23 years old and the journey to make the world better has just started for him. He still has a long way to go and we can’t wait to see what he goes on to do next.

Published by
Ritika Deshpande

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